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k.bhanumathi p (United States)

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Comments by k.bhanumathi p (10)
Article: நினைவுகள் விற்பனைக்கல்ல
Category: சிறுகதை (Feb 2017) Posted On: Mar 08, 2017
From the title to the last line very poetic.

Article: அம்மா என்னும் அரிய சக்தி
Category: அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே (Aug 2016) Posted On: Aug 14, 2016
Nobody can console this sadness.Only when the time passes your mind will get the peace.But I don't know whether I used the correct words or not. Have a nice and peaceful day.

Article: பிரமீளா ஜெயபால்
Category: நேர்காணல் (May 2016) Posted On: May 01, 2016
Very useful article.It expresses how the Indian women are bold and at the same time attached with the family. Once again thanks for the article and salute to the author.

Article: பார்வை
Category: சிறுகதை (Mar 2016) Posted On: Mar 08, 2016
Very meaningful story.It reflects the present generations mentality.Thankyou

Article: தத்துத் தாய்
Category: சிறுகதை (May 2015) Posted On: Jun 08, 2015
This is not a story. Real life. Many people are deceived by their relatives just like this.Namascarams to the author. BhanumathiParthasarathi

Article: அருணாசலம் முருகானந்தம்
Category: நேர்காணல் (Jun 2014) Posted On: Jun 02, 2014
Very hard work.unimaginable experiments. He should live long and happily.

Article: நா. முத்துக்குமார்
Category: நேர்காணல் (May 2014) Posted On: May 07, 2014
Very interesting interview. After kannadasan and vairamuthu he and Thamarai writing very meaningful poetic songs. His two poems published in Thendral are really superb.Thanks to Thendral

Article: உயர்ந்த உள்ளம்
Category: சிறுகதை (Nov 2012) Posted On: Nov 09, 2012
a real story.realy touching.

Article: நீதான் காரணம்
Category: சிறுகதை (Jul 2012) Posted On: Jul 01, 2012
Realy very touching story. Unforgettable.

Article: ஓரு கடிதத்தின் விலை!
Category: சிறுகதை (Jun 2012) Posted On: Jun 03, 2012
the price given by sadhana is too much. for how many years this horrible experience will be tolerated?

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