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For subjects of Tamil lineage, residing in the US, matrimonial classified listings are FREE, as a service to the community, at this time. For all others - $25 for 20 words; $0.25 for every additional word.
Make checks in favor of 'Thendral' Send classified text by email to along with a request to publish and with the subject line - Matrimony Classifieds. Send email for guidance & details. No phonecalls, please.
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Wanted - Brides
Seeking US born or brought up Brahmin Iyer girl (20-25Yrs), for US brought up groom, Iyer, 6'3", May 1994, currently in medical school graduating in 2021;
Seeking Iyer bride, working/studying in US for groom, Aug '91, 5'9", H1B with I-140 approval, working in Google, California; Bharadwaja Gothram, Vadama, Sadhayam Nakshatram, non-drinker/non-smoker; 480.277.5270, +91.94448.30090,
Seeking Iyer bride, for groom, May1987 born, MS, S/w Engr, working in Boston/MA, H1B, 140 approved, 5'11", tall, kausika gothram, vishakam star;, +91.98407.46328
Seeking unmarried brahmin bride for iyer groom, never married, US Citizen, 43Yrs, Garga, Aswini, B.B.Pharmacy, Working as Manager in Texas;, 615.336.5194
Seeking professional veg. bride for groom, Iyer, 28Yrs, BS/MS (Comp. Sci) from CMU, 6'2", fair, working in NYC/NY, Bharadwaja gothram, Green Card, Citizenship applied for;
Seeking iyer/iyengar bride for 1970 born iyer groom, fair, 5'4", uthiratathi, koundanya gothram, divorced, GC holder, Senior Consultant, Massachusetts;
Seeking unmarried Brahmin groom in US for unmarried Brahmin girl, Sept. 87, MS(US), H1B, working in Los Angeles/CA; +91 9460188812
Seeking Iyengar bride any Kalai, studying or willing to study in US for Thenkalai Iyengar groom, BE/MS, working as Sr. Engr, Only son, Never married, 5'9", 29Yrs, Aug'90, Sandilya Gothram, Kettai, San Diego/CA; +91.91768.39226,
Seeking Hindu bride for 5'11", 1992 born, MS(CS), H1B, I140 approved, GC in process, working @ San Francisco/CA in reputed company;, 716.361.0760
Seeking bride for groom, 27Yrs, US citizen, 5'6", working as Sr. Finance Analyst, private sector, Texas; 248.885.2972
Seeking Hindu US Citizen/GC Holder working/studying bride for only son, Iyengar, US Citizen, Oct. 92, 5'10", Vadoola gothram, Pooradam Star, working in Denver/CO, parents based in Chicago;, 847.525.6164
Seeking Hindu Bride (<28) preferably in US for groom, 5'9", April 1991, Never Married, US-Citizen, MTech (IITM), doing MBA (Haas-UCB), N.California, Punarpusam, caste & language no bar;, 908.548.4295, +91.97102.59230
Seeking US Citizen, Vadama Iyer bride, 23-25Yrs for Vadama Iyer groom, US Citizen, Never Married, 5'9", 26Yrs, Oct '93, Srivatsam Gothram, Star Barani, Software Developer in Mechanicsburg/PA;
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride working/studying in US for Iyengar groom, July 1988, 5'10", Pooradam, Bharathwaja Gothram, B.Tech (IITM), MS (Purdue), MBA(UCLA), H1B, Project manager @ Portland/OR; +91.98408.13775,
Iyengar, Sadamarshanam, Astham, June 92, 5'6', MS, S/w Engr, employed in Seattle/WA seeks suitable bride, employed, Iyengar any Kalai; +91.94447.01446,
Seeking Hindu girl, Working/Studying in US for Mudaliyar groom, 42, IT professional, Born & raised in Pondicherry, US citizen, Caste no bar, Divorced/No kids, living in NY, willing to relocate;
Seeking alliance for Iyer groom, Sept 87, MS(Canada), S/w Engr in Michigan, Star Pooradam, Haritha gothram; +91.98112.21840,
Seeking Iyengar bride from US for Iyengar, Srivatsa Gothram, Magam, Apr 88, 175 cms, raised in Singapore, BS/MS/MBA from US, working at Cupertino/CA, H1B;, +65.9611.5204
Seeking Hindu girl, working/studying in US for Mudaliyar groom, 42, IT professional, living in NY;
Seeking US based Iyer/Iyengar Bride, for US born, Iyengar, Kaushika Gothram, Aayilyam, Jan 1993, 6', Ivy league undergrad, working in Silicon Valley;
Seeking bride working in US for Pillai/Mudaliar groom, 1993 born, MS, working in Amazon @ Seattle/WA;, +91.94484.44493
Seeking Brahmin bride, 26-28 Yrs for 1990 born groom, 5'9", Wheatish Complexion, working in a reputed firm in Sanjose/CA; 408.829.9428,
Seeking Brahmin bride based in US for groom, 1994 born, expected PhD graduation by end 2020, reputed university, Atlanta/GA;
Seeking Brahmin brides for Iyer groom, July 1989, 5'11", kettai, Viswamitra Gotham, BTech. MBA(Iowa), employed at San Francisco/CA, vegetarian, non smoker, teetotaller, H1B ; +91.94444.68864,
Seeking bride for Mudaliyar groom, born Sep 1977, 5'6", Divorced no kids, Caste no bar, Swathi, Thulam, Working in Dallas/TX, H1B & I-140 approved;
Iyer, bharadwaja gothram, Aug 1993, 6', Veg, very fair, Handsome, B.Tech(IITM), MS(MIT), employed in Boston/MA, plays violin & tennis seeks brahmin bride residing in US;
Seeking alliance for brahmin groom, 31Yrs, 5'10", Green card, Ph.D., Mechanical Engr in Irvine/CA, vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker; +91.98480.31831,
Seeking Veg. good looking girl for smart, fair, teetotaller, Vegetarian (Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai), 85 born boy, 173cms, S/w Engr in Hartford/CT, H1B & GC on process; +91.99407.70015,
Seeking Hindu girl, 37-40Yrs, for 1975 born groom, US Citizen, MS in Contemplative Psychology with professional US State Government licenses, Manager in a reputable Mental Health Hospital in Colorado, Never married, non-smoker, non-drinker, Caste no bar; 415.601.9918,
Seeking Hindu vegetarian bride, 29-33Yrs for 1983 born, Saiva Pillai groom, 35Yrs, divorced, H1B, working in Cupertino/CA;, +91.89397.41030
Seeking Brahmin Bride, Veg, Teetotaler, BS/MS(CS), S/w, for Srivatsa Gothra, Vadakalai Iyengar, Revathi/Meenam, Aug 1988, 5'7", MS(CS), Sr S/w Engr, Bay Area/CA;, 408.429.9005
Seeking life partner bride for groom - 30Yrs, Thiruvadirai, 6'1", handsome, working in Austin/TX;, +91.83101.54556
Seeking spiritual partner for Iyer Boy, Divorced, spiritual, working in IT, born 1983, BE, H1B, based in Fremont/CA, Kousikam gothram;, 415.724.5185
Iyer, Koundinyam, Magam, professionally qualified Architect, June 79, working in Baltimore, H1B seeks bride unmarried, tall, with a balanced view on life, good family background, willing to relocate;, 703.222.01444
Seeking strict vegetarian girl preferably in USA, for Iyer, '79 born, 5'11", PhD, Divorcée - unconsummated marriage, never stayed together, working in Maryland with EB1A 485 petition at the final step; 301.624.9048,
Seeking Iyer bride, 26-29Yrs for Palakkad Iyer, 30, Bharadwaja Gothram, Visakam star, 5'7", wheatish complexion, BE/MS, working in reputed firm in Santa Clara/CA; +91.99406.34686,
Seeking unmarried Hindu Nadar bride for 1985 Nov born, Nadar groom, Never married, H1B, Working in Cognizant in Richmond/VA, Barani Star;, 469.992.5114
Seeking unmarried Iyer girl (<29 yrs) in US for Iyer boy, Oct 89 born, Ashwini star, 5'10", BE, Salesforce Inc, Bay Area (H1B, I-140 for GC, high pay); 224.804.5444,
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride working/studying in US for Iyer boy, 26, MS, H1B, Kowshika Gothram, Pooradam star, Dhanur Rasi, 5'7", Working in Samsung @ Austin/TX;
Seeking Iyer bride for groom, Bharadwaj Gothram, 5'10" working in Bay Area/CA, GC holder, BE, Sr S/W Engr-MNC, 42Yrs, never married, non-smoker, teetotaler;
Seeking bride for Iyer, Vadama, Vadhoola gothram, 26Yrs, 175cm, Working as Engr Mgr, Big-4 Tech Co in San Francisco/CA, CS from top US Univ;
Seeking bride working/studying in US (preferably vegetarian) for groom 27Yrs, MS, H1B, 6', working in California, caste no bar;
Seeking well qualified unmarried bride in US, for unmarried Hindu Nadar boy, 33, 5'10", MS(CS), Sr S/w Engr, Microsoft @ Redmond/WA, H-1B, I-140 approved 7 years ago;
Seeking bride for only son, 1991 born and brought up in US, MS in Engineering - CGT from top university, 28Yrs, 6', handsome, S/w Engr in reputable company, Caste no bar; 763.350.2076,
Seeking a vegetarian Thondaimandala Mudaliar girl for groom BE, MS(BME), working in a biotech company in Sunnyvale/CA, 1989 born, 5'8";
Seeking Iyer Bride for boy, Sept 1980, working in NYC, H1B, Udithya gothram, Krithika nasktra, Rishaba rasi, 4th padam; 302.415.5932,
Seeking bride for Mudaliyar groom, 27Yrs, 5'8", MS(USA), H1B, Working in Boston, Revathi Star; 616.258.1600,
Seeking alliance for Iyer groom, March '78 born, 5'7", US Citizen, Kashyapa, Star Ashwini, Never Married, MS(CS)/MBA(UCLA), Technical Solutions Delivery Manager in a financial company, Veg, Non-drinker, non-smoker; 215.939.7032,
Iyengar, Srivatsa gothram, April 88, 5'8", Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino/California; seeks brahmin bride, working in US, preferably in SFO Bay Area, or willing to relocate;, +91.94407.35413
Seeking Iyer bride working/studying in US for Iyer boy,30 yrs, MS, H1B, Srivathsa gothram, 5'8", working for Apple/California, non-drinker, non-smoker;
Iyer, Vadamal, Athreya gothram, Sept. 89, Punarpusam-2, 6'1", Never married, employed in SFO Bay Area, MS, Phd, O-1 Visa seeks brahmin girl working in SFO Bay Area or willing to relocate;, +91.98404.02902
Seeking Hindu bride 37-40 Yrs, for 1975 born groom, US Citizen, MS in Contemplative Psychology with professional US State Govt licenses, Manager in a reputable Mental Health Hospital in Colorado, Never before married, non-smoker, non-drinker, caste no bar; 510.316.7107,
Seeking brahmin bride, PR/US Citizen for groom 36Yrs, 5'11", working/student visa, S/w Engr in Texas, Masters;, 857.260.8465, +91.96864.17417
Iyer groom, 34Yrs, 5'11, Bharadwaja Gotram, MS(US), Employed in Virginia, H1B visa (Two stages of GC completed) seeks Iyer bride, willing to relocate to Virginia;, +91.98666.86735
Bharadwaj vadamal, 5'11, 1988 born, with MS & PhD, currently working in Birmingham, AL, seeks (preferably) equally qualified US based bride; 949.981.3061, +91.95660.60122,
Seeking bride for Iyer, Bharadwaja Gothram, Punarvasu, Aug '94, US Citizen, Tall, Handsome, BS(CS and Psych), Working in CS in FinTech company, SFO/CA;
Seeking Brahmin Bride for smart well-qualified Smartha Brahmin boy, Nov 1990, 5'11", Koundinya Gothram, Thiruvonam/Sravana Star, BTech(IIT-M), PhD, Employed as Design Engr in upstate NY, H1B; +91.97910.36468, 850.624.4359
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer US based bride for groom born Oct 1985, 5'11", Bharadwajam, Rohini star, BE/MS(UTD US), H-1B, Employed @ SFO/CA;, +91.98400.67795
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride (28-35yrs) based in US for Iyer groom, '82 born, 6'1", B.Tech from IIT, MS(US), working in Boston/MA;
Tamil Iyengar, Srivatsa gothram, 31Yrs, 5'8, Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino/CA seeks Brahmin bride working in USA, preferably in San Francisco Bay area or willing to relocate;, +91.94407.35413
Seeking US based unmarried South Indian Brahmin bride for Iyer boy, May 87, 5'10", MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area; +91.93462.81340,
Seeking Iyengar girl, <26 years, H1B for Iyengar boy, March '91 born, Thiruvonam, Sadamarshanam, working for Deloitte with H1B; +91.98842.67888, 415.926.1736,,
Seeking Brahmin bride for Iyer boy, Kousikam Makam, '86 born, B.Tech, MS, Working in Apple @ Cupertino/CA; +91.70328.34999, +91.98663.48487
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for Iyengar boy, divorcee, June 1977, Regional Manager, SE Asia, Supply chain company, Chennai, Sadhayam, Kaundinya Gothram, 5'10";, 909.263.7337
Seeking Tamil Iyer bride working in US, <26Yrs for boy, Sep'92, 6', MS, Kaushika, Revathy, Vadama, working in Intel, Portland;, +91.99406.27716
Seeking Tamil Girl for Hindu, unmarried Tamil intercaste groom (mudaliyar & reddiyar), BS(EEE), working in Jacksonville/FL, 6ft, 1987, US citizen;
Seeking bride for son born Sept '92, 5'6", H1B, Working for Copart/Dallas/TX, Thiruvonam, Logitha Gothram, Iyengar, Thengalai, US based bride preferred; 967.726.9062,
Seeking bride for boy, June 1992, 5'10",H1B, working for Amazon/Seattle, Uthiradam star, Naithrupa Kashyapa, Iyengar, Thenkalai, US based bride preferred; +91.98404.88911,
Seeking brahmin bride (vegetarian, non-drinker, never married) working/studying in US for Tamil Iyer MS, 39Yrs, of similar background, Atreya Gotram, residing in Upstate NY;
Seeking Iyer bride, working/studying in US for boy, May '92, 5'6", MS Comp. Sc.(US), working in Bay area/CA, Kaushika Gothram (Vadama), Revathy, vegetarian, non-drinker/nonsmoker;, +65-98191630(Whatsapp)
Wanted - Grooms
Seeking groom for Iyer girl, Kowshikam, Anusham, Nov '93, fair, 5'3", MS in top univ, employed in DC area, S/W Engr, H1B, +91.99626.93620,
Seeking groom for Mudaliar bride, 34yrs, 5'9", Thiruvonam, B.Tech/MS, H1B, GC in process, Working in Manhattan/NY; 646.957.1103
Seeking brahmin groom for vadama Iyer girl, Kaundinyam, chitra star, 5'4", Jan. 96, BTech/M.Engg(US), working in Sunnyvale/CA; +91.98846.19960,
Seeking Veg. Brahmin groom employed in US for daughter, 25Yrs, 176cms, H1B, employed in Michigan;
Seeking Tamil groom working in US for Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai girl, Dec 90, 5'5", MS S/w Engr, employed in San Jose/CA; 213.458.3677
Seeking Brahmin groom working / pursuing PhD from Bay Area/CA for daughter - Iyengar, Aug 94, Srivatsa gothram, Makam, B.Tech(IITM) and pursuing PhD(CS) in Stanford, age diff max 3 Yrs; +91.99627.21961,
Seeking brahmin groom with clean habits, teetotaler preferably medicine for Iyer girl, fair, 1994 born, 5'3", Vadama, Bharathwaja Gothram, Uthradam, MBBS, now doing residency in NY;
Seeking groom for a Saiva Pillai karkathar girl, 26 yrs, fair, BE/MS, working in USA;
Seeking brahmin groom for Iyer girl, Kaundinyam, Uthirattadhi, 5'8", Dec. 1985, BTech/MS(US), working in Bay area/CA, H1B, I140 approved; +91.94476.60101,
Hindu, Tamil, June ‘83, 5'2", slim, US citizen, non-veg, non-drinker, San Francisco/CA based, Attorney, can relocate; Physician Parents seeking groom, Hindu, US citizens/GCs/H1B, Caste no bar;,
Seeking alliance from Iyer/Iyengar groom, <32Yrs, settled in Seattle/California for bride, Georgia Tech grad, working at Microsoft in Sunnyvale/CA, family based in Mumbai/India, Srivatsa Gothram, Karthigai Star; +91.98200.61656,
Good looking brahmin girl, 33, divorced, 6-year son, H1B, S/W Engr, Cupertino/CA, seeks suitable alliance, 33-38Yrs;
Seeking Pillai / Mudhaliar Groom for Divorcee, No Kid, 29Yrs, 5'4", Sithirai star, Working for Kaiser Permante - Team Lead, Seattle/WA; 425.442.5892,
Seeking South Indian Groom (<35) in US for long term for bride, July 1988, never married, MS, S/w Engr in SF Bay Area/CA, H1B, Thiruvonam, caste no bar; 408.556.9177,
Seeking a Sengunthar/Kaikolar groom for an unmarried, well-disciplined girl, 31Yrs, 5', working in Plano/TX, preferably a groom with Rahu-Kethu dosha;
Seeking US based unmarried South Indian Brahmin groom for Iyer bride, 31Yrs, 5'7", MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area/CA; +91.86103.31926,
Seeking South Indian, Hindu Groom, 26-29Yrs, Caste No Bar, for Gavara Naidu bride, 1995 born, MS(Mech. Engg), 5'3", working as R&D Engineer @ Minneapolis/MN;
Seeking US based unmarried groom, 27-30Yrs for a Hindu Nadar bride, Oct 1993, born and brought up in the US, pursuing medicine at Yale University, Uthiradam star, Caste No bar;, 917.796.3189
Seeking groom, caste no bar, working in US for bride, Feb 1992, Chettiar, 5'2", MS(Michigan), employed in Ohio, H1B;, +91.97909.49935
Seeking US born or brought up, brahmin groom, for US born bride, Iyer, 5'4", Sankrithi, Punarpoosam, Feb/1996, undergrad CS top school, working and residing in SF Bay Area/CA;
Seeking US based, well educated, Brahmin Veg. groom for bride, 35Yrs, 5'4", Iyer, Haritha Gothram, Punarpoosa Nakshatram, Mithunam, BE/MS/MBA(US), working in NYC as Sr Executive;
Seeking US based unmarried Brahmin groom, 34-37Yrs, for girl Dec 85 born, 5'4", Koundinyam, Ayilyam star, BE/MS, H1-B, Employed in NJ, can relocate to LA/CA;, +91.91767.43845
Seeking Vegetarian groom for 1992 born Saiva Pillai girl, 167 cms, MS, working in San Francisco/CA;, 875.449.6483
Seeking a well-educated & tall Brahmin Groom for bride, 5'8", April 1995, Iyer, Vadama, Kaushika Gothram, BE, MS from UIC, Currently working in Chicago;, +91.97911.80020
Seeking alliance for US Citizen, Iyengar bride, Mar. 92 born, Bharadwaja Gothram, Hastham star, 5'4", MS, Employed in NJ, Carnatic, Teetotaler;
Seeking Vegetarian groom for 1992 born, Saiva Pillai girl, 167cms, MS, working in San Francisco/CA;, 875.449.6483
Seeking groom for bride 28Yrs, Hindu, MS(US, Comp. Sc), H1B, working in San Francisco Bay Area, 5'1", June 91 born, Uthiradathi;
Seeking Hindu professional groom for Vegetarian girl, US citizen, Aug. 81 born and brought up in US, MD, working in a Bio-Tech company, Sunnyvale/CA; Groom from Bay Area preferred;
Seeking Brahmin Groom, 28-30 Yrs for 1993 born bride, 5.4", fair complexion, working in a reputed firm in San Francisco/CA; 408.973.8933,
Seeking a kind groom with or without kids for remarrying bride, 5'8", 1980 born, Iyer with 2 kids, Virginia;, 703.581.9558
Seeking groom for Brahmin Iyengar girl, B.Tech, 34Yrs, 5'7", divorcee, no kids, Srivatsam, Ayilyam; works in Melbourne/Australia;, +91.97909.94458
Seeking brahmin, veg, MS, <31 groom, employed in US/CA, for daughter, Iyer, employed in SanJose/CA, high values, S/w professional; 415.939.5400,
Seeking Hindu groom for US Citizen bride, 36Yrs, Working in Washington DC, Divorced;
Seeking Brahmin groom for '88 born, Brahmin, Harithasa Gothram, Hastham, GC, employed in Detroit/MI, brief unconsummated marriage annulled;, 248.321.7568
Seeking suitable alliance from brahmin groom for Iyer, Vadama, kousigam girl, 87 born, working in Portland/Oregon, 5'8", +91.94440.69333,
Seeking Indian MD Iyer groom, <29Yrs, working in US, preferably citizen for accomplished 27Yrs, 5'5", US born, MD/MBA from Harvard, Truman scholarship holder, currently doing Residency at UCSF, fair, well versed in Bharatanatyam & Carnatic Music; 678.230.9196,
Seeking groom for Iyer girl, Haritha gothram, Anusham, 5'5", June 1989, BE/MS(US), working in South Carolina, H1B, +91.94425.02866, +91.99403.16933,
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyengar girl Vadakalai, Athreyam, Feb 1991, Krithigai, Mesham, 5'9"(175 cm), MS(Comp. Sc), S/w Engr in Seattle/WA, H1B & I-140 approved;, +91.87545.35770
Seeking Brahmin boy for 5' tall, Iyengar, US Citizen girl, July 92, working in San Francisco Bay Area, Kettai, Srivatsam gothram; 610.202.8783;
Seeking alliance from well-educated brahmin grooms for Iyengar bride, Dec '89, MS in Neuroscience, pursuing PhD in Sci. Education in Florida, Ashwini star, Vadoola gothram;, 850.566.9276
Seeking Hindu groom, 26-30Yrs, unmarried, Mudaliar/subcaste no bar, for a 1995 born, 5'3", Chennai girl, BE, Poosam/Kadakam, Working in Bengaluru (Cognizant), preparing to pursue MS/MBA abroad;, 301.332.3732
Seeking well educated brahmin groom in SF bay area for Iyer bride, 1993 Dubai born, BS and PhD in USA, employed in SF as lifescience consultant, Veg, Bharadwaj gothram, Thiruvonam, 5'2";, 530.921.8322
Iyer girl, 31Yrs, 5'8", US Citizen, MBA, employed in New Jersey, seeks US-based well-settled groom; 404.828.0823
Seeking US born/raised professional groom of Indian origin for bride, 36, US born and brought up by Tamil parents. Just completed Fellowship in Medicine, working as a Hematologist/Oncologist in New Jersey;, 908.947.8260
Seeking never married groom for a Mudaliar girl, 36yrs, 5'5", BE, H1-B, working near Chicago; +91.98232.14604, 309.825.4845,
Iyer girl, 1975 born, IIT educated, unmarried girl working in Boston, US Citizen;
Mudaliar girl 1981, 5'5", US citizen, MBA, Boston based, can relocate seeks professionals from US, Caste No Bar;, 631.371.6014
Seeking US born & brought up, well educated brahmin groom, settled & working, preferably around Los Angeles area/CA for bride, 1987 US born, Iyer girl, double Masters, Kousika gothram, Revathy star, 5'9"; 818.344.4943
Seeking alliance from Iyer/Iyengar grooms, preferably US citizens or GC holders for Iyer girl, US citizen, 24Yrs, BS(Electrical), employed in Los Angeles/CA, Sigitha Gothram, Visakam;
Karkathar Saiva Pillai girl, June 1989 born, 5'3", BE,MS(USA), working in North Carolina, H1B, seeks groom working in US from similar castes/brahmins;,, +91.98210.48773
Seeking groom for Iyer, Kousika gothram, Uthradam star, 5'7", 24Yrs, MS(CMU), working in Seattle, H1B, from Iyer boys, <29Yrs, working in Seattle;
Seeking well educated, Hindu US Citizen groom, <29 years for US born girl, saiva pillai, 24, 5'6", MD student, Reno/NV, caste no bar;
Seeking groom for Iyer, Kousikam, Tiruvonam, March 90, BTech, MS(CS), Microsoft @ Sunnyvale/CA; +91.70328.34999, +91.98663.48487
Seeking alliance from Brahmin boy, <31 Yrs, in USA for daughter Uttharatadi star, Sandilya gothram, 5'3", 26 Yrs, MS(Rutgers), Working in New Jersey, H1B, willing to relocate within US; 480.280.7155, +91.95512.65514,
Seeking alliance from Iyer/Iyengar groom, 29-34 yrs working in US/Canada for daughter - Bharatwajam, Rohini star, 5'6", 28yrs, studying MS(CSUS) in CA; +91.73972.35348, 408.888.6741,
Iyer, Vegetarian, kaundinya Gothram, uthradam, Oct 1993, MS(CS), unmarried girl working in CA, seeks same sect unmarried groom;
Seeking well educated, Tamil/Telugu Veg., non-smoking, US Citizen, born or brought up groom from Arya-vysya chettiar family for educated fair girl, working in IT/San Francisco, born 1995, 5'3", US citizen, Hastam, Ubamanyakula gothram;, 408.309.6706
Seeking US born or brought up, Hindu groom, <35Yrs, well educated for a beautiful, smart, independent, hindu girl, US Citizen, 29Yrs, 5'6", Business graduate, employed in Dallas/TX;
Seeking US based Brahmin groom, speak/understand Tamil, for divorced Iyengar girl, Vadhulam, Thiruvonam, Aug. 81, MS(US), working in Austin/TX, willing to relocate within US; +91.95660.38710,
Seeking alliance from well-educated and settled preferably South Indian brahmin grooms for Iyengar bride, May 1990, 163 cms, Masters from and working in North Carolina; +91.98450.51218
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar groom residing in USA for Iyer Vadama, Doctor girl, 1991 born, Bharadwaja gothram, Thiruvonam, doing second year residency in medicine in Philadelphia, PA; +91.98404.96107,
Seeking Hindu Groom (<31) who is in US for long term for Tamil girl, Feb 1993, never married, MS, working in New York, Pooratathi, caste and language no bar; 650.309.9940
US Citizen Bride in GA State, Age 38, MS educated, Slim figure, Enjoys travel/fitness; Seeking Hindu professional grooms in US, caste no Bar;
Seeking alliance from Iyer/Iyengar, <31 Yrs in Seattle/California for daughter Srivatsa gothram, Karthigai star, 5'4", 27 Yrs, MS (Georgia Tech), Working at Intel, H1B; +91.98200.61656,
Seeking groom for bride, 24, very fair, 5'6", Telugu Brahmin from TamilNadu, Sadayam, Bharadwaja, MBA, employed in Chennai; 408.564.3188, +91.94459.54612, +91.82487.35017, srinivasankumar
Seeking groom, caste-no-bar, working in US; For our only daughter, Dec 1983, Saiva Pillai, 5'4", MS(Texas), MBA(CA), employed in Maryland, H1B with I-140 approved;, +91.81465.02266
Seeking Brahmin groom for a 1983 born, widow with 2 kids, Graduate, GC holder, employed in Michigan;
Seeking well educated, Brahmin, working or studying in US groom for daughter - MBBS/MD Fellow Nephrology, Studying transplantation medicine in reputed hospital in NY, Hastam Star, Bharadwaja Gothram, 5'6", Sep 1988, Fair complexion; +91.99415.48756,
Seeking smart well-educated South Indian Brahmin groom for pretty, professional, Iyengar, Thenkalai girl, 5'7", Dec 1985, Srivatsa Gothram, Australian PR, Willing to relocate to USA;; +91.97909.94458
For the following classifieds sections, $25/month for 20 words; please send email to
Service Apartment
Short/Long Term - Service Apartment available in Prime location Chennai. 4Bdr/4bath, 2200 sq.ft, A/C in all bedrooms, WiFi, Cable, Landline, fully furnished with maid service; Call # 805.371.0431
TN Real Estate
For sale - In Chennai, 1200 Sq. Ft flat, opp to Koyembedu Bus Terminal, On the Main Road, 18 year-old, well-maintained, furnished, 1st floor, North facing, 2BHK, 2Bath;
Housing plot available for sale in Chettipunyam, near Chenglepet close to famous Hayagrivar temple; Also available 3 bedroom flat, 1450 Sq.ft. for sale at Zemin Pallavaram built by Magilam apartments;, +91.90039.31930
Sale - 3BHK (1814 & 1263 sqft), brand new, all amenities, Mandevelipakkam, cul-de-sac, walking distance to all Mylapore temples;, Srinivasan 972.840.3495
New, Luxury, Exclusive 2nd floor of a 4-floor construction, prime location in AE Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, 2518 sq.ft., 4-bed w/ 3 attached bath, balcony, 2 covered car parks, elevator, generator & video security; Durai @ 949.922.4863,
Organic agricultural farm for sale in Sirkazhi, Nangoor village, 40 acres, Contact Owner: S. Murugaiyan:, No brokers.
New 3BHK Flat, 1200/1215 Sq. ft, 746/752 UDS, Covered Car park, 24hr water, genset, AK Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai; Genuine buyers only; +91.93846.67202,
For Sale
2 Bedroom Villa in retirement community near MG Hospital on Pondy-Cuddalore Hwy, Senior care facility with common kitchen, housekeeping, medical care, standby ambulance with big hospital nearby, security, library, board games & more;

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