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For subjects of Tamil lineage, residing in the US, matrimonial classified listings are FREE, as a service to the community, at this time. For all others - $25 for 20 words; $0.25 for every additional word.
Make checks in favor of 'Thendral' Sent classified text by email to with subject - Matrimony Classifieds Send email for guidance & details. No phonecalls, please.
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Wanted - Brides
Tamil Iyer brahmin boy, 28, H1B Visa, Kaushika Gotram, employed in Detroit, seeks alliance from vadama girls studying/employed in US - preferably closer to Detroit/willing to relocate; Contact:  with visa status
Seeking US based unmarried South Indian Brahmin bride for smart looking Iyer boy, 29 yrs, 5'10', MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area; +91.99495.33034
Tamil Iyer, 30 Yrs, 5'6", MS, Sankruthi gothram, Bharani, fair, working as Scientist in Boston seeks Tamil Iyer girl;
Brahmin Girl for son: 33, Iyer, Vadama, Ashwini, Koundinya Gothram, 5'7", BE, MS (Phd), working in Bay Area, CA, Vegetarian;
Seeking suitable bride - Working/studying in US - for Tamil Brahmin, vadama, Iyer boy, 28Yrs, 5'11", MS Non-IT, Working in Detroit, prefer brides of same background around Detroit;
Seeking Tamil Vanniyar/Mudaliar/Naicker girl for 33 yrs, 5'10", PhD, H1B, handsome, well settled boy working in CA;, 303-803-3005
Seeking US based Marathi Bhavsaraya Kshatriya Bride for TN lineaged boy, Anuradha, 4_padam, 28 Years, MS(US), working in San Jose, CA;, 857.498.9631
Tamil Brahmin, 31yrs, H1B, employed - reputed co. in CA, MBA(US) - prestigious university, Sathayam, Kaushikam. Seeking good looking Brahmin girl, working, preferably in US; +91 99402.10273,
Hindu Tamil Boy, July 1984 born, 5'3", Unmarried, Currently in Phoenix, Arizona and can relocate within US, seeks unmarried bride, caste no bar;; 678.997.0607
Seeking US based unmarried South Indian Brahmin bride for smart looking Iyer boy. 29 years, 5'10', MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area; +91.99495.33034
Seeking Hindu bride, preferably born in USA, for only son, Berichettiars, 1984, 5'9", MBA, Sales Operations Analyst @ S/w Co in So. Cal, Cast no bar;
Seeking US based South Indian Brahmin bride for California based Iyer, Vadama boy, Vadhoola Gothram, Makam, 36yrs, MS(US);
Seeking Suitable tamil girl for 33 yrs old boy, 5'11, Uthirattadhi, MS(US); Working in NYC,, Tel: +17037325345
Seeking suitable bride - Working / Studying in US - for Pillai / Mudaliar Boy, 27Yrs, 5'10", MS, Working in San Jose, CA;, +919840093150
Seeking Tamil Iyer girl for well settled boy working in NYC, 37 yrs, Uditya gothram, Krithiga nakshathram, Rishabham,;; +13024155932,+917338711046
Seeking bride for B.E/M.S, SW Engr, US Citizen, never married, Tamil boy, 29Yrs, 5'7", based in MA, Caste No Bar;, 508.315.9994
Seeking Brahmin Girl preferably in USA, for Iyer Boy, '79 born, 5'11", PhD, (Divorcee- never stayed together) short unconsummated marriage, working in US east coast; 617.435.2110,
Looking for a tamil brahmin girl for my son aged 33 yrs, 5'11, Iyengar, Koushika Gothram, Business Analyst in CA; Expecting divorce shortly, No issues;
Seeking girl for handsome Thirunelveli Saiva Pillai boy 25Yrs, Working Boston. Masters US, Caste no bar; 91.98843.94941;
40, divorcee, looks 30, one male child, BE/MS, Employed in PA, Senior position, living in hindu culture, 6', seeks bride - divorcee or widow, hindu, educated, from respectable family;
Seeks good looking, vegetarian girl for smart, fair, Tamil, vegetarian, Saiva Pillai Boy, 85 born, 173cms, H1B & GC under process, +91.99407.70015 /
Seeking Tamil Iyengar bride in USA for 27 year old, Vadakalai, Vadhula Gothram, M.S. Engg, 5'11", working in a reputed Multinational company in USA;
Seeking USA-based Brahmin girl for Iyer, 41, 5' 6", CA, Engg. Director, well-settled, Indian values, American citizen, divorcee, healthy, fair, spiritual, religious;
Chinese boy seeking Tamil Hindu bride. 34 years old, 5'10", Makam birth star, divorced, with 5-year-old son, green card holder, S/w professional in Seattle, admire Tamil Hindu culture and traditions, can relocate to India;
Tamil Iyer, Srivatsa, 34 yrs, 5'10'', PhD, Employed in California. Seeking Tamil Brahmin girls, working in US;
Seeking vegetarian girl for 1975 born youngish looking tamil Iyer boy with clean habits, divorced with 2 kids (10 & 5yrs), 5'9", B.Tech, M.S, Senior mgmt - s/w co. in CA;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin girl for Tamil Iyer boy, 38 yrs, 5'7", Bharadwaja (G), Punarpoosam, Katakam, BE, MBA, Divorced, US Citizen, employed east coast;, 248.268.0348
Seeking Hindu Vegetarian Girl for 1974 born Tamil Iyer boy, 5'8", MBA, working in Fremont, CA, Koundinya Gothram;
Seeking Karkarthar girl studying in US, for our only son working in Houston, Age 23 - 25yrs; Tel: 887.001.5269,
Seeking girl for 1970 born boy Tamil Iyer, divorced, very brief marriage, working in MA, Koundinya Gothram;
Seeking KARKARTHAR GIRL Studying in USA for our only son working in HOUSTON; AGE 23 to 25; 887.001.5269 /
Seeking a brahmin girl for an Iyer boy - Athreya Gotham, star - karthikai, 36 yrs old working, reputed multi-national IT company - MS (US);
Looking for a brahmin girl for an Iyer boy - Athreya Gotham, star - karthikai, 36 yrs old working, reputed multi-national IT company - MS (US);
Seeking suitable bride preferably in US for nephew, MS (Comp. Sci) 28Yrs, 5'8, H1B, working in CA, Caste no bar;
Seeks bride for Dual U.S. M.S, Virginia Tech, GC, Cisco, CCIE, Sales Engr, Houston, Brief marriage, vegetarian, Vysya, 39/6'1",, 713.510.3460
Wanted - Grooms
Seeking Tamil Brahmin boy, aged 38-42, divorced with no children, vegetarian, no smoking/drinking, for Tamil Iyer girl, 38 yrs, 5'3", divorced with no children, Residing in US;
Seeking Kongu Vella Gounder Groom for Coimbatore based BE, IT Professional, Bride working at Chennai, aged 24Yrs;
Seeking non-naithrupa Kashyapa groom for Tamil Brahmin, Iyer girl, 5'5", 28, BE, MS, Punarpoosam, Mithunam, working in US;
Seeking groom for Tamil Iyer girl, DOB 10.7.87, M.Sc 5.5", Pooradam, Haritha Gothram, employed in Amazon Chennai; or +91.89395.10231
Seeking Tamil groom working in US, 25-29Yrs, for a Tamil Senguntha Mudaliar girl, 25yrs/MS(USA)/H1B, Punarpoosam IV, Katagam Raasi, working in NY State;
Alliance for Vadagalai, Athreya Gothram 26 year old girl, MS(Comp. Sc), working in Seattle, 5'9", Star Krithigai;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Iyer groom for 1989 born Tamil Brahmin girl, 5'6", MS, Bharadwaja uttaram, working in Boston;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Iyer Unmarried/divorcee groom for 1984 born Tamil Brahmin Iyer Girl, divorcee 5'5", MS, Bharadwaja Hastam, working in Boston;
Seeking alliance for a Tamil Brahmin Iyer girl born in 1986, 5'6", doing PhD, located in Chicago;
Jaffna Hindu parents settled in Canada, seeking groom, 32-37yrs, for 1985 Oct born, 5'8", Canadian citizen, working as Accountant in Canada; 585.730.7859,
Seeking suitable groom, caste-no-bar, working in US; For our only daughter Dec 1983 born, Saiva Pillai, 5' 4", ME(Texas), MBA (California), employed in Maryland, H1B;, +91.81465.02266
Seeking groom from US/India for Mudaliyar girl - 25 Yrs, 4'11", MS, Working in Edison, NJ;, 551.574.8727
Seeking unmarried & well-qualified groom in USA, for Tamil Iyer Doctor girl, 28, 5'6", Thiruvadhirai, Vadhoola, pursuing MD (Family Medicine), in VA;, 916.365.7596
Seeking alliance for Tamil Brahmin Iyer boy BE/MS(US), working in Chandler, AZ as S/W Engr, 29 years, 5'10", Srivatsam, Krithigai-4;, +91.98402.32353
Seeking groom, preferably working, living in US for Tamil girl, US Citizen, born Sep 87, working in Dallas, TX. Brief marriage, caste no bar;
Tamil Iyer groom, working/settled in USA for Iyer girl, 23yrs, Kausikam/Bharani, completing M.S.(Texas), May 2017; +9172999.54150, +9199412.07467,
Seeking Indian professional groom, raised in US, for 24yrs, (Arya Vysya), US citizen, studying medicine; 309.269.2707,
Seeking Groom for sister: Tamil Hindu Yadava girl, 27 yrs, 5'3", living in TX. Smart, good looking, TAMU Graduate & working. Nandagopal gothram, Mesham, Reply w/ horoscope:
Seeking groom for a mudaliyar girl on green card, Engg. manager in Bay Area S/w Co, 1978 born, 5'4", caste no bar, briefly married;
Hindu Tamil Nadar, Born Sept 75, Unmarried, Thiruvonam/magaram, Fair, Slim, MCA, Employed Chennai in Software, seeking qualified, unmarried groom;
Iyengar parents of Aug. '86, US born law graduate, well placed in investment banking in NYC, seek US citizen/GC grooms, non-kausika, never before married, Brahmin 30-34 yrs;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin groom for Tamil Iyer girl: 37, Vadama, Swathi, Vadoola Gothram, Never Married, 5'5", BE MS MBA, working in Pharma industry in the Bay area, Vegetarian;
Seeking Hindu groom for Tamil girl 33Yrs, 5'9", US Citizen, employed in Media Advertising in New York; Caste no bar;, 201.704.5066
Seeking groom for Tamil Sozhia Vellalar Girl, 27 yrs, 5', B.Tech, currently working in New Hampshire; Caste no bar;; +91.94422.15002
Seeking well qualified Hindu groom for Tamil Boyer girl, 31, 5ft, BE & MS, S/w Engr, working in Las Vegas; 513.807.5052,
Seeking well educated Tamil Iyer groom for 25 yr old doctor Iyer girl, 5'2", Kashyap gothram, doing M.D. at JIPMER; 440.846.1497,
Alliance invited for Saivapillai tamil girl, 33 years/173 cms/MCA, divorcee, issueless, Vegetarian, working in USA, seeking well-educated vegetarian Tamil speaking Professional in US;
Seeking Brahmin groom for Tamil Iyer girl, 28 yrs, working in bay area CA, Kashyapa gothram, singer, artistic, enjoys travels,
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer Groom for Iyengar girl, MS, employed as Senior Engineer in California, 27yrs, innocent divorcee, unconsummated, never lived together;, 408.807.0287
Seeking brahmin bridegroom raised in USA for an Iyengar girl - 29 yrs, Mrigasrisham, Srivatsa gothram; Preferably from Washington DC, VA or MD area;
Seeking groom for Tamil Iyengar girl, Btech, MS- CMU, 25 yrs, 5'7", H1B visa, working in Bay area, CA, Srivatsa gothram, Mrigasheersham;
Seeking Tamil Iyengar/Iyer groom US employed for Tamil Iyengar girl, 25 yrs, Naidrubakashyapa gothram, Thirvadirai star, MS (CS) employed in CO, open to relocation;
Tamil Iyengar Girl,31 yrs,employed in IT, US, Divorced. Subsect no bar;
South Indian Iyer / Iyengar groom (30-36 years) for daughter: 29, Iyer, Vadama, Poosam, Kowsikam gothram, 5'4'', BE MS, working in S. California, vegetarian. Willing to relocate; 
Seeking groom for Tamil Iyer girl, 26 yrs, 5'8", raised and living in CA, Haridha Gothram, caste no bar, currently working & finishing up her Undergrad in CS;, 949.981.2631
Seeking US based Brahmin boy for Tamil Iyer girl, 29, MS, Citizen, working in New York, Athreya gothram Avittam star; shanthi, 703.868.4365
Seeking groom for 27yrs, Divorced (6 months), Smart Tamil Vellalar Girl, Thiruvathirai, 5'7", MCA, resident in India. Brother in Atlanta & Parents in Madurai. Caste no bar; 404.403.8720,
32yrs, 151 cms, fair, slim, Tiruvonam Kongu Vellala Gounder, MBA, MIF(LBS),VP Pvt bank, London, Vegetarian seeks well educated, well employed groom, caste no bar;,,  +91.98848.55505
Seeking a well-educated South Indian Brahmin groom for a Tamil Brahmin girl, 1988 Oct, 5' 5", balance of cultural values & modern outlook, MBA graduate, employed in Bay area, open to relocation;
Seeking US based well educated groom below 40 for 36/5"6/Siva gothram, sadhayam, Ph.D, senior design engineer working in Texas; reply w/ horoscope: 214.505.6356,
Seeking well educated & working groom in USA for Mudaliar girl, 25Yrs , Height 5'3", star Chithirai, studying final year MS in Chicago, caste No Bar;
Seeking south Indian Groom for 39 yrs, Professional, US citizen, Pittsburgh/PA, Hindu south Indian, divorced after brief marriage;
Seeking Tamil Saiva Pillai/ Mudaliar/ Chettiar groom for Saiva Pillai girl (26, fair BE, working in USA, innocently divorced - very brief marriage);
For the following classifieds sections, $25/month for 20 words; please send email to
For Rent
In a prime locality in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Fully furnished Apartment with car parking is available for short term rental. Contact: 916.541.7774
Real Estate
4500 Sqft, 3bedroom, luxurious Villa, 6000 Sqft land - Whitefield Bangalore. Gated community. Spacious garden front & back. Brokers excuse;,
For sale, Independent house inside gated community in prime location, 5 bed/5 bath (1900 sq.ft), Cambridge cross road, Ulsoor, Bangalore. Contact:
For Sale: 3BHK Flat with A/C, car parking in a very Posh Locality in Chennai , Near The Radisson, Ethiraj College; US: 303.800.5464,
For Sale 2250 sq. ft home with 3 shops in Kolathur, Chennai, MMDA approved; Total income: INR 35,000;  +91.93826.05693 / 93626.67776
For Sale new 3Bed / 3Bath (1200 sq.ft) flats Prime Location in Anna Nagar West, Chennai. Serious Buyers;
For sale, Independent house, 2513 SqFt, walking distance from Kamakchi Hospital, near Velachery, Rs.1.50 Crores; 425.435.1593
3BHK, with A/C, 2200 sqft, furnished flat available for short term rental in Mylapore, Chennai. US Contact: 805.371.0431
Available for Sale New 3BR and 2BR flats for immediate occupancy in Alwarpet, Chennai, Prime Location, Contact:
Looking for a land or building in-and-around Chennai. Contact: 510.857.3359 or
Maryland Murugan Temple is seeking qualified applicants for fulltime manager with effective communication, organizational & computer skills, ability to plan ahead and work with multiple teams. Must know tamil and car driving.
Immediate opening for FT/PT positions in Tax/Accounting office in Santa Clara, California. Must have work permit. Please send resume to:
Indian fast-casual restaurant in Sunnyvale needs experienced cooks familiar with all styles of Indian cooking. Must be willing to work in fast paced atmosphere; 408.806.7531