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For subjects of Tamil lineage, residing in the US, matrimonial classified listings are FREE, as a service to the community, at this time. For all others - $25 for 20 words; $0.25 for every additional word.
Make checks in favor of 'Thendral' Send classified text by email to along with a request to publish and with the subject line - Matrimony Classifieds. Send email for guidance & details. No phonecalls, please.
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Wanted - Brides
Seeking Brahmin girl employed in US, unmarried/divorced with no issues, for accomplished, Tamil Iyer boy, BE, MS, divorcee with no issues, 42/5'10", Srivatsam, Uthiradam, employed in bay area;
Seeking bride for Mudaliar boy, 27Yrs, 5'8", MS(US), H1B, Working in Boston, Revathi star; 616.258.1600,
Seeking Brahmin girl working/studying in USA for Tamil Iyer boy, born 1988, Kashyapa gothram, Pooradam star, 6ft, MS(USA), employed (H1B) in Maryland; 412.877.8446, +91.98923.93852,
Seeking bride, willing to settle in California for Sengunthar Mudaliar boy, Feb ‘83, purratadhi, 5' 7", MS(S/w Engr), working in San Jose/CA, H1B, caste no bar;, 650.863.0594
Seeking Iyer/ Iyengar bride (28-35yrs) based in US for Tamil Iyer groom, ‘82 born, 6'1", fit and athletic, settled in US, working in Boston, MA;
Seeking bride 35-39Yrs for Tamil Iyer, Fair, Garga, Aswini, 42Yrs, 178cms, BS (Pharmacy), Houston/TX;
Seeking bride for Iyer boy, Nov. 89, 5'10", B.Tech/MS, Bharadwaja Gothram, Kadagam, Ayilyam, working as Sr Engr. in Detroit/MI, H1B (GC in process), teetotaler, vegetarian;, +91.94449.39972, 408.480.2106
Seeking strict vegetarian girl preferably in USA, for Iyer Boy, ‘79 born, 5'11", PhD, Divorcée - unconsummated marriage, never stayed together, working in US east coast; 301.624.9048,
Seeking bride from India/US, 46 Yrs divorcee with 2 kids; Residing in Bay Area/CA, US Citizen;
Seeking suitable Tamil Girl for unmarried Tamil Boy, Caste No Bar, MS, Aug 85, 5'7", working in Bay Area/CA;, 618.303.7059
Seeking Brahmin bride working in US for groom, Dec ‘89, H1B, working in Boston, Srivatsa gothram, 5'10", Purattadhi p2, Kumbham, BE (Instr Engg); 551.998.7304, +91.98844.98562,
Seeking bride based in US (38-46 yrs, divorced/widowed) for Hindu, Iyer groom (US Citizen, 1965, 5'7", divorced, Sadamarshana Gothram, Rohini), Cybersecurity exec in Herndon/VA;
Tamil Iyer boy, 1982, 5'9", tall, fair, athletic, Ayilyam, Kausika gothram, BE/MS, working at Baltimore/MD, Non-drinker, non-smoker seeks a smart girl, working in US; +91.90031.81220,
Seeking Tamil Brahmin, Vegetarian, non-drinker, unmarried girl, preferably employed in US for Tamil Vadama boy, 36Yrs, MS, working in San Diego/CA, Naithruba Kashiba Gothram; +91.96001.76488, 625.860.4860,
Seeking bride for Tamil Iyengar, Bharathwaja gothram, 30Yrs, 5'8', 75 Kgs, working in IT, Dallas/TX, H1B;, +91.98840.13442
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Girl for March 1990, Raised in US, Karabha Gothram, 5'9", Poosam-Kadakam, BS (Electrical Engg), MBA, Working in Bay Area/CA, prefer Girls born or raised in US; 669.216.8363,
Seeking bride for athletic, 31, BE, down to earth, friendly, software professional, 5'8", wheatish brown, located in Plano, TX; 585.360.5284,
Seeking girl for Tamil Boy (Divorcee), 32Yrs, H1B (I-140 approved), Swathi Star, 5'11", MS(US), working in Dallas;, 760.583.1371
Seeking alliance for Iyer Boy (caste no bar), Sept. 85, 5'10", vegetarian, US Citizen, MS/MBA, Sr. Product Mgr working in SF, prefer US citizen/GC holder, Bay Area/CA or willing to relocate;
Tamil speaking, ‘78 born (Vysya father / Iyer mother), younger looking, divorced in 2012, seeking a life partner, Vegetarian, Permanent Resident, lives in NJ, works in NYC;
Seeking bride for Tamil Iyer, Kaundinya, Uthradam 1st Padham, Dhanur Rasi. Employed in Houston, H1B;, +91.97573.55696
Seeking unmarried bride (Caste No Bar) for Elur Chetty groom, born Oct. 1989, 5'10", Visakam star, MS, H1B, currently in Virginia; +91.97895.76298, +91.99408.08697,
Tamil Iyer, 59Yrs, never married, Ph.D., MBA/MS, working in Atlanta/GA, US citizen, Singapore-born, fun-loving, seeks educated working bride, Caste no bar; 678.851.3032,
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyer Boy, March ‘78, Born, 5'7", US Citizen, Kashyapa, Star Ashwini, Never Married, MS(CS)/MBA(UCLA), SAP Labs/BayArea, Veg, Non-drinker, non-smoker; 215.939.7032,
Seeking Tamil yer girl working/studying in US for Tamil Brahmin Vadama Iyer boy, Thiruvonam 2nd Padam, Bharadwaj Gothram, April 89 born, MS (Non-IT), working in North Carolina.
Seeking suitable Tamil, Brahmin bride preferably working/studying in USA for Nov 1990 born, BE/MS(CS), SW Engr @ Microsoft, Seattle, Ayilyam, Gargeya Gothram, Iyengar;, 425.698.9930
Tamil Iyer, 39Yrs, 6'1", M.Arch, Koundinya gothram, Magam, fair, handsome, working as an Architect in Baltimore, MD seeks Tamil Iyer girl;
Tamizh Saliya Chettiar, 29, 5'10", MS (CS, Purdue), Applied Scientist @ Microsoft, (H1B, I-140 approved), Seattle/WA, Uttiram/Kanya, Vaishampaya Gotharam seeks smart, vegetarian bride;, 765.637.1367
Tamil Iyer boy, 1988 born, 6'3", MBA(US), Simmam, Koushika gothram, working as Product Mgr in Bay area, seeks Tamil Brahmin bride, preferably working/studying in US;, 801.919.6437, +91.99402.61799
Tamil Iyengar Srivatsa gothram, 30Yrs, 5'8", Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino, CA seeks Tamil Brahmin bride working in US, preferably in Bay Area/CA or willing to relocate;, +91.94407.35413, 801.803.8006
Seeking US based unmarried South Indian Brahmin bride for smart looking Iyer boy, 30, 5'10", MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area; +91.99495.33034,
Tamil, Hindu, Parkavakulam (Suruthiman) groom, caste no bar, BE(EEE), MS, 27 Yrs, Makam-4, Simma Rasi, Having H1B visa, in Boston/MA, seeks an unmarried Tamil speaking bride studying/working in USA, preferably in MA area;, +91.98186.59204
Seeking well educated unmarried/divorced bride from India/US for Tamil Chettiar boy, Nov '83 born, innocent divorcee; S/w Engr employed in Bay area, Makam, Simha Raasi;
Saiva Pillai boy, 37yrs, 180cms, BE/MS, working in Dallas, Green card holder, seeks Tamil Hindu bride, subsects acceptable;, 984.094.7484, +91.97101.13663
Seeking Tamil, Vegetarian, spiritually minded Iyer girl residing in US, 24-26, >5'5", never married for spiritually minded Iyer boy, 6'4", US citizen, MS, PhD, born 1989, pursuing post-doc in Boston, Koundanya gothram, Ardra;, 732.735.7564
Seeking bride - Tamil Brahmin, Graduate for Groom B.Com, working as Sr. Sales Executive in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Iyengar, Thengalai, 5'10", Srivathsam Gothram;, 925.548.7046 (US)
Seeking suitable Tamil Hindu Girl for unmarried Tamil Reddy boy, MS, Aug 1989, 5'11", Kettai, Viruchigam, working in Boston;
Seeking Tamil Brahmin bride for Senior Sales Executive in Muscat, B.Com, Iyengar, 5'10", 40Yrs, Moolam, Srivathsam,, 925.548.7046
Seeking suitable unmarried working Telugu/Tamil Brahmin Girl, H1B/GC for Telugu Brahmin boy, Harithasa, Hastham, 27Yrs, 5'6", MS(US), working in BayArea;, 480.544.2373
Seeking well-qualified Brahmin, vegetarian, non-drinker, unmarried girl preferably settled in US with Indian background for son, doing residency (MD) in New York, born September 1991, Shravana star, 5' 7"; +91.97467.26456,
Seeking Tamil Bride for Groom born July 1987, 5'8", MS, US Citizen, SW Engr, SFO Bay Area, Caste No Bar; 314.537.3290
Seeking Iyer Girl for Divorced Tamil Iyer Boy who is spiritual, working in IT, born 1983, BE, H1B, based in Fremont/CA, Kousikam gothram;, 510.565.8126
Groom, 37, 5'6", BTech/MBA, awaiting US citizenship, garga, Anusha, seeks alliance from Iyer/Iyengar bride; Now in Michigan, Open to relocation;, 919.760.3890
Tamil speaking boy, 33 (Dec 1984), 5'10", residing in San Francisco/CA, Senior S/w Engr (H1B, I-140 approved) seeks smart, fun loving bride, Caste no bar; 781.990.8132, +91.89399.00735,
MS Elec. Engg from SUNY Buffalo. Working as design engineer, Baton Rouge/Louisiana, H1B, seeks Iyengar bride, preferably studying/working in US;, +91.98410.22613
Seeking alliance from Unmarried/Divorced bride for Tamilian Iyengar groom, 46yrs, mutually divorced after few months, Musician & Teacher, Event mgmt. co. owner in NJ, Age/Caste no bar;, 732.884.4801
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyer boy 25 years, 175cm, studied in Top US university, working as Engineering Manager in a Big 5 Tech company in San Francisco;
Seeking unmarried/divorced bride from India/US for Tamil Iyer boy, Vandoolam, Avittam, 32, 6'1", innocent divorcee; employed in Seattle (Microsoft), MS from Princeton U, BE(Hons) BITS-Pilani;
Seeking Tamil Iyengar Bride residing in USA for 1989 born, Vadakalai, Vadhula Gothram, Uthiram, MS (Engg), currently employed in Florida;
Seeking bride for Tamil Naidu, May/76 born, 5'11", Magam, MS(Banking & Finance), working in NYC; 646.243.2628,
Seeking Brahmin girl (or strict vegetarian) preferably in USA, for Iyer Boy, ‘79 born, 5'11", PhD, Divorcee - unconsummated marriage, never stayed together, working in US east coast; 301.624.9048,
Seeking well-qualified girl, preferably in US with Indian background for boy, MS, 27, 5'4", Naidu, Balija boy, Working in MNC in CA, Caste no bar; Contact: +91.94440.58090,
Seeking Iyer Girl for Tamil boy, Koushika gotram, Ashvini-2 Nakshatram, BE, MSIA, April 1986, 5' 11", working in Chicago;, 847.445.8522
Seeking brahmin bride (vegetarian, never married) for Prathamathreya Gothram boy, August 1986, M.S, 5', Physically challenged, working in Mountain View, CA;
Seeking never married mudaliar bride for Mudaliar boy, 36 yrs, 5'10', BE, MS(UK), employed in Cisco, California;, +97.15061.35489
Iyer, 33Yrs, 5'11, MS(US), Employed in Virginia, H1B visa (Two stages of GC Processing completed), seeks Tamil Iyer Bride employed in US/India and willing to relocate;, +91.98666.86735
Seeking suitable brahmin bride (vegetarian, never married) for Telugu Srivaishnava boy, July 1987, M.Tech, 5'8", Srivatsa Gotram, Swathi, currently in Edison, NJ;; +91.73826.09031
Seeking Hindu bride, for only son, born in USA 1984, MBA graduate, working as Analyst in a S/w Co., So. Cal, Cast no bar;
Seeking Tamil bride, preferably employed, for BE, MS, Business Analyst, H1B, Tamil Mudaliar boy, 27 years, 5' 8", based in Dallas, caste no bar; 901.871.8708,
Astrological Consultations for matching horoscopes, marriage compatibility, profession, higher studies, health; Contact: KA.Parameswaran -
Wanted - Grooms
Seeking South Indian groom, settled in US for girl, Top Ivy league undergrad, Comp.Sci Major, 27Yrs, working in DC;
South Indian, Tamil Iyer, Vegetarian, Kashyapa gothram, Star Mrugasheersham, Jan. 1994, MBA, unmarried girl, working in Bangalore seeks same sect unmarried groom;
Seeking Hindu boy (Caste No Bar) for Tamil, Arcot Mudaliyar girl, Feb 91, Chithirai, 5‘3", BE/MS, employed in Michigan, +91.98846.37567,
Iyer Girl,1993, 5'1", Poorattathi, Athreya Gothram, currently pursuing MD in New York seeks groom, Tamil Brahmin, well qualified & placed, born & raised in US; 678.899.1025,
Seeking US based Brahmin boy for Tamil Iyer girl, 1987 born, MS, US citizen, working in New York, Athreya gothram, Avittam star;, 703.868.4365
Seeing Groom for Tamil Girl, 25Yrs, MBBS (Graduated in TN and Preparing for MD at Chennai), Pallan, Father works as a Sr. Engr at SaudiAramco and living with family in KSA;, 904.434.5403 (US)
Seeking unmarried Brahmin groom in US for unmarried Brahmin girl. Sept 87, MS(USA), H1B, working in California;, +91.94601.88812
Seeking US born/raised professional groom of Indian origin for Tamil girl, 35, US born and brought up by Tamil parents, will be completing fellowship in hematology/oncology from a Manhattan hospital in June 2019;, 908.947.8260
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyer Vadama Bride, 1987 born, 5'8", working in Oregon, BE/MS, H1B Visa; Mob - 91 9444069333
Seeking US Born/Raised, Never married, Vegeterian, Brahmin Groom for 31Yrs, Iyengar, Lawyer girl;
Seeking smart well-educated South Indian Brahmin boy for pretty, professional, vegetarian, 25, from top university, working in San Francisco. Prefer US based families;
Iyengar girl, beautiful, fair, Vadoola gotra, Aug. ‘84, 5'6", BE,MBA(US), working at SanJose/CA, seeking qualified Brahmin, US citizen groom (veg., non-drinker/non-smoker), willing to relocate;
Seeking suitable Brahmin boy for 1988 born, Brahmin, Harithasa Gothram, Hastham, GC, employed in Michigan. Brief unconsummated marriage annulled;
Seeking US born/raised MD, unmarried Hindu Tamil groom, 30-34Yrs, for Boston based pretty, US citizen, Mudaliyar, physician bride, willing to relocate, 31Yrs;, 901.428.1505
Seeking alliance for Iyengar girl, Vadakalai, Athreyam, MS(CS), S/w Engr, Seattle, H1B, Feb 1991, 5'9", Krithigai, Mesham;, +91.87545.35770
Doctor parents invite alliance for daughter, Hindu, 33Yrs, UK Citizen, residing in Chennai, 5'7", fair, management professional;, 770.756.3988
Parents seeking well qualified, Hindu, Veg. groom, 37-40 for daughter, 37 Yrs, never married, MD, working in Bay area/CA, US citizen;, 669.224.9032
Seeking never-married Hindu, non-veg. groom, 29-33Yrs, doing medical residency for Girl, 28Yrs, doing residency in Alabama, 5'2", Mudaliar, Caste no bar;
Tamil Iyer girl, 1978, 5'5", slim, fair, Anusham, Kausika gothram, BE/MS/MBA, working in Bay Area, seeks equally qualified, well placed groom, working in US; +91.90031.81220,
Seeking Tamil Brahmin, vegetarian, teetotaler, unmarried Boy, 30-33 yrs, employed in US with Indian background for Tamil Vadama girl, 30yrs, MS, working in Cupertino/CA, Naithruba kasha Gothram; +91.96001.76488, 625.860.4860,
Seeking Tamil Vegetarian Boy for 25 Yrs, 5.5", Fair girl with MS(US), Saiva Pillai, Software professional working in Sunnyvale, H1B and I-140 Approved; +91.94448.55272,
Seeking US based Tamil groom for Doctor (in family medicine), US citizen June 76 born, working in Los Gatos, CA;
Seeking suitable South Indian brahmin groom for daughter, garga Gothram, Uthiratadhi, 36Yrs, 5'5", MS(US), H1B, working in Seattle;
Seeking Tamil grooms Saiva Pillai / Mudaliar / Chettiar for Saiva Pillai girl (28, fair, BE, working in USA, innocently divorced after a very brief marriage);
Seeking groom based in NY for daughter with genetics & genetic counseling (MS), PhD in Epidemiology; works as Assistant Dean of Research in Medical school, NY, May 1975, 5' ht;, 630.728.6443
Parents seeking well qualified Iyer groom working in US, for iyer girl, Biomedical Engr, 1994, 5'8", Ashwini, Naidrupakashyapa gothram, US Citizen, vegetarian, Irvine/CA;
Seeking US born/raised MD, unmarried Hindu Tamil groom, 30-34Yrs, for Boston based pretty, US citizen, Mudaliyar, physician bride, willing to relocate, 30Yrs;, 901.428.1505
Seeking groom for Tamil Iyer, Baradwajam, Avittam, kumbam. 5.5", 25yrs, Microsoft, Seattle;, +91.98414.23656
Seeking Divorced/Unmarried Groom, 33Yrs, 5'5", Kongu Vellala Goundar, Residing in US, H1B, innocent divorcee;
38/5'2" divorced female (no kids), MS MPH, vegetarian, Arya Vysya, Atlanta, seeking US based, well-qualified groom, 37-43y, (no kids), with good family values;
Seeking groom for Tamil Pillai girl BTech/MBA(INSEAD), 31, Slim, L1 Visa, employed in top US consultancy firm in Michigan, Swati nakshatram, Caste no bar; +91.91597.72891,
Seeking suitable groom for bride, 28yrs, Hindu, Vegetarian, BE, working in US, H1B/GC in progress, Caste no bar; 248.238.3246
Seeking well qualified groom in US for Tamil Iyer girl, July 1990, Koundinya gothram, hastham, working for google/NY, 5'3"; +91.99621.36100,
Seeking suitable Groom, caste-no-bar for bride, only daughter, employed in Richmond/VA, Feb 1981, Naidu with over 100yrs TN lineage, 5'4", MCA(India), H1B;, 804.869.4612
Seeking suitable Hindu groom for girl, 34 yrs, fair, slim, 5'5", Pillai, Vegetarian, previous marriage annulled, BTech/MS (UT Austin), working in Microsoft/SF Bay Area, Caste no bar; +91.98694.51120,
Seeking suitable groom in US, caste no bar, for Mudaliar girl, 30Yrs, 5'2", US citizen, Masters in Public Health, living in Lusaka, Zambia on a temporary project, Bharatnatyam dancer, loves to travel & cook;, 978.212.9487
Seeking suitable groom for unmarried Tamil Hindu girl, Feb ‘88, 5'6", S/w Engr, MS, H1B, working in Raleigh/NC, Caste no bar;, +91.97400.90423, 919.949.9421
Seeking suitable alliance for Tamil Iyengar girl, tall, fair, good looking, highly qualified, Doctor, West coast, July 83, caste no bar;, +91.98803.53780
Seeking qualified, compassionate, Tamil Iyer groom (26-29Yrs) for pretty, Srivatsa Gothram born girl, musically talented, classical dancer, 25, 5'2", Graphic designer, working in BayArea;, +91.73584.01997
Seeking US born/raised professionally qualified unmarried Hindu Tamil groom, 30-34Yrs, for bride, born/raised in the US, good looking, pleasant, MD Physician, 30Yrs;
Seeking groom for Tamil Mudaliyar girl (sub caste no bar), Sep 87, BE(CSE), MS, working in Texas with H1B;, +91.97903.63724
Seeking Tamil Iyer groom under 25Yrs, living in US, for Thiruvonam/Naidhrupa Kashyapa gothram, 1997 born girl, raised in the US;
Seeking suitable vegetarian, non-smoking groom, 27-30Yrs, living in New York City or in the vicinity, for Tamil Iyer, Vadama, Anusham girl, working as Lawyer in NY City;, +91.98451.84170
Seeking brahmin professional groom, Veg, 34-36Yrs for Iyengar bride, 31Yrs, 150cm, BE/MS, Shravanam/Koundinyam, brief unconsummated marriage, divorced mutually, S/w Engr in Virginia;, +91.94820.09326
Seeking Groom for unmarried tamil traditional girl, 1985 born, 5'5", Phd (Biotech), Working in Kansas city, Kasnsas, Caste No bar; 916.792.5346,
Seeking pure veg Tamil Iyengar - Vadakalai groom (30-34), US Educated, never married, for a Tamil Iyengar girl, 1989, born in India, US Educated (double MS), never married, 5'2", working in Michigan, Kousika Gothram, Thiruvadirai star;, +91.99402.16506
Seeking Veg. Brahmin groom, 25-28Yrs, 5'10"-6', US Citizen/GC, for Tamil Iyengar girl, beautiful, slim, 5'7", S/w Engr with leading MNC in Pittsburgh, willing to relocate, Koushika Gothram, Poosam;, +971.4.3545255
Seeking suitable vegetarian brahmin groom for a qualified actuarial girl, born 1988, working in LONDON; Willing to relocate and can work in the US, Bharadwaja gothram; +91.99454.18152,
Seeking suitable boy aged 26-29, for a vanniya kula kshatriya girl, beautiful, 25Yrs, 5'7", BE, MS, Working in Texas; US Residents only;
Seeking Hindu Groom, 35-40Yrs, GC/US Citizen for 35Yrs, Tamil girl, 5'9", US Citizen, Employed in Media/Advertising in NY City, Caste no bar;, 201.704.5066
Seeking Hindu never married boy (Caste No Bar) for Tamil Arcot Mudaliyar girl, MS(US), Nov 1984, working in Bay area, H1B, Vegetarians preferred;, +91.98864.00425
Seeking US based, unmarried, South Indian Brahmin boy for a smart looking Iyer girl, 29 Yrs, 5'7'', MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area; +91.86103.31926,
Tamil Girl, June 1989, Doctor, 2nd year OB/GYN Residency, Columbus/OH (3 more years), Committed, Spiritual, Puttaparthi Sai Devotee; Seeks Educated, Committed, Mature person; Caste/Sect No Bar; H6LIVES@GMAIL.COM
Tamilnadu brought up Nair girl, 44, Msc/PhD, Asst Prof/Greencard, Chicago, never married, invite alliance from malayalam/Tamil boys;
Seeking Tamil Iyer well educated groom within 27 years, living in US, for affluent Thiruvathirai/Vadulam girl, 1996 Born/Raised in US; 860.402.4834
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyer girl, April ‘91, 5'5", MS (Comp Sci), H1B working in Bay Area, Athreya, Poorattadhi;
Seeking suitable Tamil brahmin boy preferably from Bay Area for, a Tamil Brahmin girl, working in Google, Mountain View/CA. March 1984, Naidrabha Kashipa Gotham;; +91.98715.24317
Seeking Hindu groom for mudaliar and Nair intercaste bride, working in Illinois on H1B, 1989 April born, BE (CSE), working as System Analyst in a S/w Co., Caste no bar;, +91.96770.64946
Seeking Veg Brahmin Boy employed in Boston Metro Area for daughter, 26yrs, 164cms, H1B;
Seeking Veg. Brahmin groom, 25-28Yrs, 5'10"-6', US Citizen/GC, for Tamil Iyengar girl, beautiful, slim, 5'7", S/w Engr with leading MNC, willing to relocate, Koushika Gothram, Poosam;, +971.4.3545255
Seeking alliance from well qualified & settled brahmin groom for 1990 born, Tamil Iyengar girl, MS from Chicago, working in North Carolina on H1B, Srivatsa gothram, Swathi star, Parents settled in Bangalore;
Parents of Karkathar Pillai girl, 29 yrs, 5'3", BE, MS(USA), working in North Carolina, H1B, seek groom working in USA from same caste preferably, subsects acceptable;, +91.98210.48773
Looking for professionally qualified groom resident of US, for 28Yrs, Dentist, US Citizen;
Seeking Veg. Tamil Iyer/Iyengar groom (26-29), US educated, never married, based in the Bay Area/CA for Tamil Iyer girl 1992 US born citizen, never married, MS (Biomedical Sci), 5'3", working in global Biotech firm in Bay Area. Kaushika gothram, Moolam;, 408.605.8649
Seeking Groom for Tamil Sozhia Vellalar Girl, 29 yrs. 5', B.Tech, currently working in New Hampshire; Caste no bar;, +91.94422.15002
Seeking groom for Saiva pillai girl, MS(US), pretty, 31, H1B, awaiting divorce (brief marriage of 10days), working in MI,USA, Caste no bar;, 882.569.3520
Seeking US based unmarried Christian groom for good looking Christian girl, 28Yrs, 5'3", MS(US), Employed for Telecom Co in Tusla, OK; +91.91825.79949, +91.99533.00738,
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Iyer groom for 1993 Born Girl, 5'4, Working in SFO, living in San Jose/CA for over 17 years, Karabha Gothram, Uthradam, Makara Rasi; Prefer groom born/raised in US;, 408.829.9428
Friendly, charming, 31 Yrs, 5'7", tall, living in Seattle, raised in US, good employment, seeking suitable boy, born & raised in US;
For the following classifieds sections, $25/month for 20 words; please send email to
For Rent
Brand new single bedroom apartment available for rent for active senior citizens at Ramaniyam Serene Pushkar II, Sholinganallur, Chennai; For details contact, Sampath @ 415.529.8224
In a prime locality in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Fully furnished Apartment with car parking is available for short term rental. Contact: 916.541.7774
Service Apartment
4Bd with A/C, 4bath, 2200 sqft. Furnished apartment with all amenities available for short term rental in prime of Chennai; Raman @ 805.371.0431
TN Real Estate
New 3BHK Flat, 1200/1215 Sq. ft, 746/752 UDS, Covered Car park, 24hr water, genset, AK Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai; Genuine buyers only; +91.93846.67202,
Fully Furnished rental income property, 3.5 BHK, 2256 Sq.ft, Hirco Palace Gardens, Oragadam, With A/c, Refridgerator, Microwave, Available with tenant;
Unit for sale in retirement gated community at Mettupalayam, Coimbatore. 518 sq.ft semi-deluxe, fully furnished. Price negotiable; Contact: 281.995.5084
PRIME PROPERTY FOR SALE, Fourth Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 6200 Sq. ft plot, 4000 sq. ft building, on Eighty Feet Road;; +91.94445.46800
SALE. Brand New flat in Mugalivakkam, Porur, Chennai,1353 sqft, 3BHK, Reputed “Ramaniyam" built, bright, airy, Floor 2 (below top floor), west-facing, carpark, power backup, close to IT park;, (+91)80561.26322, 214.952.0928(US)
Pondicherry State, Brand New Modern Wedding Hall, Teak and Marble, 3 Floors. Excellent water facility;, 512.739.5728
For Sale
2 Bedroom Villa in retirement community near MG Hospital on Pondy-Cuddalore Hwy, Senior care facility with common kitchen, housekeeping, medical care, standby ambulance with big hospital nearby, security, library, board games & more;