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Thendral Classifieds     
For subjects of Tamil lineage, residing in the US, matrimonial classified listings are FREE, as a service to the community, at this time. For all others - $25 for 20 words; $0.25 for every additional word.
Make checks in favor of 'Thendral' Send classified text by email to along with a request to publish and with the subject line - Matrimony Classifieds. Send email for guidance & details. No phonecalls, please.
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Wanted - Brides
Seeking Tamil bride, preferably employed, for BE, MS, Business Analyst, H1B, Tamil Mudaliar boy, 27 years, 5’ 8”, based in Dallas, caste no bar; 901.871.8708,
Seeking suitable South Indian Brahmin girl for Tamil, Iyer boy, MS, Ph.D, born Nov 1983, working for Intel, Santa Clara, CA;
Tamil boy, Thenkalai, Srivatsam, Swathi, 24, (Sep 1993), MS, Employed, CA, GC, traditional, non-smoker, non-drinker, vegetarian. Seeking Iyengar bride with similar? values;
Seeking suitable brahmin bride (vegetarian, non-drinker, never married) working/studying in the US and similar background, for Tamil Iyer, MS, 38Yrs, Atreya Gotram, currently in Upstate NY;
Seeking US based Mudaliar Bride (sub cast no bar) for son working in New York as S/w Engr, MBA, born April 1982; 973.896.2149,
Tamil Iyengar Srivatsa gothram, 29 yrs, 5’8, Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino, California. Seeking Tamil Brahmin girl working in USA preferably in San Francisco bay area;  +91.94407.35413 or 801.803.8006
Seeking alliance for Unmarried, Tamil Chettiar boy, 32, 5’8”, BE, S/w Engr, FTE, Financial inst, Dallas, TX, H1B - I140, Sadhayam / Kumbha;
Seeking suitable Tamil, Brahmin bride preferably working/studying in US for 1990 born BE, MS(CS), SW Engr, Microsoft, Seattle, Ayilyam, Gargeya Gothram, Iyengar,, 425.698.9930
Tamil Iyer boy, December 1990, 6’, Gowthama, Pooratathi, MS (CU, Boulder), employed in Denver, H1B, seeks Tamil Iyer girl;
35, Single, Never Married, Naidu, Tamil, Entrepreneur/Founder for an upcoming startup in Bay Area. Looking for a homely and educated bride. Caste No bar; 408.406.5229
Handsome Tamil Iyer Boy, Jan 1992, 6’, Revathi Nakshatram, Bharadwaja Gothram, Born & brought up in Northern California, BS (Informatics/Indiana U), works for Oracle in NYC; H6LIVES@GMAIL.COM
Seeking employed girl for B.Tech, MS, Sr. Analyst, Working in Chicago, 28, Iyengar, Srivatsa - Gotram, Bharani, Tall & Athletic;, +91.44.26872885, +91.99404.67749
Seeking bride for BE, MS, SW Engr, US Citizen, never married Tamil boy, 30Yrs, 5’7”, based in MA, Caste No Bar; , 508.315.9994
Seeking US based unmarried South Indian Brahmin bride for smart looking Iyer boy, 30Yrs, 5’10”, MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area; +91.99495.33034,
Seeking Marathi Bhavsaraya Kshatriya Bride for Anuradha, 4_padam Boy, working in San Jose CA; , 857.498.9631
Seeking Bride for Mudaliar boy Sep/83 born, 5’9”, MD, US Citizen. Prefer US Citizen/GC holder with a graduate or masters degree; , 603.226.7904
Seeking bride for BE(Mech), MS(Industrial Engg), 26Yrs, 5’7”, 68Kgs, employed in Oregon, on H1B Visa, Tamil Saiva Pillai; , +91.97909.99331
Tamil, Hindu, Kammavar Naidu groom, 33Yrs, Uthiram-4, Kanni Rasi, Having H1B visa, in St.Louis/MO, seeks an unmarried Tamil/Telugu speaking bride from traditional family;,  +91.94437.90738
Tamil Iyer, 29yrs, 5’10”, MS(US), Anuradha, Sankrithi gothra, employed with GE, Chicago/IL, seeking Tamil bride working in the US, preferably H1B/GC/US citizen;,  773.690.1074
Tamil Iyer, 38Yrs, 6’1’’, M.Arch, Koundinya gothram, Magam, fair, handsome, working as an Architect in Baltimore, MD seeks Tamil Iyer girl; , 408.772.9934
Seeks Saiva Pillai Girl for vegetarian, (Tirunelveli) Saiva Pillai, 1983 born boy, 153 cms, S/w Engr, TCS, SAN JOSE, California (Ready to Relocate if needed), H1B & GC on process; +91.99408.97805,
Seeking suitable Brahmin girl based in NY for son with PHD (EE); working in Big Data currently in NY; December 1982, 6ft; , 630.728.6443
Tamil Iyer, Srivatsa, 35Yrs, 5’10’’, PhD, never married, employed in California. Seeking Tamil Brahmin girls working in USA;
Seeking alliance for professional(Eng.), 1981 born, 6’2”, grew up in South India (TN), non-US citizen, after 9 yrs in US moving to EU soon for work;
Tamil Iyengar boy, Vadakalai, Koundinya, Mrigaseera, 83 born, MCA, working in US for >9 years, I-140 approved. Only son, seeking bride, preferably in US, India ok, Subset no bar; 402.676.5294,
Seeking Tamil Brahmin Vegetarian Bride, BS/MS(CS), S/w, for SriVatsa Gothra Vadakalai Iyengar boy, Revathi/Meenam, Aug. 1988, 5’7”, MS(CS), Sr S/w Engr, @Bay Area, CA; , 717.307.8542
Seeking Bride 35-39yrs for Tamil Iyer, Fair, Garga, Aswini, 41yrs, 178cms, BS Pharmacy, Houston;
Seeking Hindu Girl, 35-39Yrs, for 1975 born Tamil Groom, 42 years, never married, US Citizen, health sciences, in Management position in Arizona; , 415.601.9918
Tamil Iyer, 30 Yrs, 5’6”, MS, Sankruthi gothram, Bharani, fair, working as Scientist in Boston seeks Tamil Iyer girl;
Tamil Vadama iyer, Bharathwaja gothram, MS Engg, Nov 1989 born, working in IT @ CA, seeks bride - Tamil Iyer, preferably working in CA or willing to relocate; , 925.487.0432
Iyer (39), Vegetarian, innocent divorcee, unconsummated marriage, US citizen, Employed in Sacramento, Caste no bar;, 415.638.2009
Seeking bride for Tamil Brahmin Iyer, 28, MS(USA), working in Philadelphia, Vadulam, Avittam, 6’; +91.90964.80510,
Seeking bride for MS(Comp.Sci), Bharadwaj/Visakam, Tamil Iyer, US citizen, settled in NC, Working in S/w, 25yrs, 6’,, 919.622.8473
Seeking bride for athletic, 30, BE, down to earth, friendly, software professional, 5.8’, wheatish brown located in Plano, Texas; 585.360.5284,
Saiva Pillai boy, 33 yrs, 5’11”, MS(Bio-Engineering), working in San Diego, CA, H1B, seeks Hindu Tamil bride. Subsects acceptable;, +91.99400.26189
Seeking Tamil Iyengar bride for Aug. 1990 born boy, 5’10”, MS, H/w Engr, H1B, working in Bay Area, CA, Poosam, Vadula, Vadakalai, Vegetarian;
Seeking bride for July 1982, Maham, Tharakayana Gotharam, Brahmin family, currently employed in Delhi with IT industry;, +91.98735.57603
Seeks Good looking, Veg. Girl for Smart, Fair, Teetotaller, Tamil, Vegetarian(Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai), 85 born boy, 173cms, S/w Engr, Hartford, Connecticut, H1B & GC on process; +91.99407.70015,
Seeking US based unmarried bride, Veg, caste no bar for Tamil Iyer boy, 32/6’3”, Physical Therapist, H1B-I140 approved, Employed in VA; 515.520.9988,
Seeking Iyer girl, working/studying in US for S/w Engr, vadama, Haritha Gothram, Oct. 1990, 5’11”, Ayilyam;
Vibrant, friendly, athletic, down to earth, 33/5’10. Lives in CA with H1B-I140 approved in GC. Seeking Tamil girl, caste no bar;, 720.539.5933
Seeking bride for 41, BE MS, Corporate Manager, 5’11’, slim, fair, previously married, 3 year old son; 704.582.9325,
Seeking suitable bride - student/working & willing to relocate for Tamil Iyer boy, 26yrs, 6ft, MS, S/w Engr in Bay Area, CA; 513.641.7758,
Seeking girl for 1989 born, Divorced (one week after marriage by mutual consent), Iyengar, Avittam, Vadhoola gothram, MS (US), Employed Bay Area; +91.99401.61013,
Seeking Tamil/Iyer girl working/studying in US for Tamil Brahmin Vadama Iyer boy, Thiruvonam 2nd Padam, Bharadwaj Gothram,28yrs, MS (Non IT), working in North Carolina;
Seeking Unmarried Tamil Iyer/Other Brahmin Girl for Unmarried Tamil Iyer Boy Shadamarshanam, Dec. 1984, 5’4”, Star Moolam, PhD, Working in S/w, Cary, NC;
Wanted - Grooms
Seeking Arcot Mudaliar groom, employed in US under H1B visa, preferably in Seattle or CA, for unmarried girl, working in Microsoft, Seattle, H1B, born July 1991, Valmiki Gothram, 5’0”; +91.92821.47272,
Seeking professional vegetarian Brahmin groom US Citizen/GC/H1B for Iyengar girl, 31yrs, BE, MS, employed in US, Brief marriage annulled;
Friendly, charming, 31 Yrs, living in Atlanta, born and raised in US, MBA & MPH, good employment, seeking suitable boy, born & raised in US and living in Atlanta; 404.375.0304
Seeking vegetarian Brahmin Doctor or Professional Iyengar/Iyer groom (29 to 35Yrs) for Iyengar girl 1988 born, resident physician in emergency medicine in NJ Hospital, USA. Bharadwaja gothram, Thiruvonam nakshtram, +97.15038.63860,
Seeking groom, 36-40Yrs, Tamil/Telugu speaking for a Naidu girl, 35yrs, BE, working as S/w Engr in NC;
Seeking qualified Brahmin vegetarian groom, ages 34-36, for Tamil Iyer girl, ‘85, US born, double MS, working in Connecticut area;
Seeking groom for Unmarried tamil Thevar girl, 1985 born, 5’6, Phd in Biotech, H1B, Working kansas, Caste No bar; 916.792.5346, 
Seeking suitable groom for Aug. 1983 born girl working as manager in pvt. company in New York, Must be US citizen or green card holder;
US cultured, Handsome Thevar boy, 6’, Aug89, MS-Mech, H1B, Swathi/Tula, living in Boston, looking for suitable hindu girl H1-GC-citizen, Caste no bar;, +91.98410.75441, 508.369.6158
Seeking well-qualified Hindu vegetarian groom, ages 34-37, residing in US for Hindu vegetarian girl, ‘83 April, US born, MS in CS, working for tech company in East Coast;
Parents Tamil speaking daughter 29, 5’3”, US Citizen, Doctor Practicing Pediatrician, seeking US born/raised professionals;
Seeking Tamil groom from veg family for a veg pillai girl 29, 162cms, on H1B, in Washington DC; Willing to relocate; +91.99800.47800,
Seeking vegetarian Brahmin doctor Tamil iyer / iyengar groom (27-30), US citizen, based in New York for Tamil Iyer girl 1990 born, US citizen, graduating from Med school in June, starting residency in July 2018, Kashyapa gothram, avittam nakshtram;
Tamil Karkathar, saiva pillai girl, 24yrs, MS, working at Chicago, H1B, seeking Karkathar boy; +91.94868.13505, 
Seeking Vegetarian Brahmin alliance for Tamil Iyengar girl, 36, 5’4”, BTech, H1B working in NYC as IT Architect, Srivatsam,
32yrs, 151 cms, fair, slim, Tiruvonam Kongu Vellala Gounder, MBA, MIF(LBS), VP Pvt bank, London, vegetarian seeks well educated, well employed groom, caste no bar;, +91.98848.55505
Seeking professionally qualified / raised in US groom, 29-34, for unmarried girl, 29, raised in US, completed BDS in Chennai, now pursuing DDS (2 Yrs) in Indianapolis. Parents well settled in US;
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyer girl, 26, 5’5”, MS (Comp Sci), H1B, working in Bay Area, Athreya, Poorattadhi;
Seeking groom for Mudaliar girl, May 86, 5’5”, Ivy league educated, US Citizen. Prefer US Citizen/GC holder with a graduate or masters degree;, 603.226.7904
Seeking Iyengar Post Graduate groom for bride - Bharadhwajam, Vadakalai, Sadhayam, Oct 1990, B.Tech(IT), working in Florida (H1B);, 858.673.4223
Tamil Hindu Girl 33, MBA, working in San Francisco, divorcee, no issues, seeking suitable match;
Seeking well qualified, tall, Tamil Iyer groom (26-30) based in New York for girl, never married, slim, 1992 born, US citizen, 5’6”, Lawyer/LLM student now/starts work in magic circle firm from Sept. 2018, Bharadwajam/thiruvadirai/ Vadama; +65.9657.0292 (Singapore),
Seeking US based groom for Telugu Brahmin girl, 28, Uthirattathi Star, Aruvela Niyogi, Athreya Gothram, working in MNC in Pune, Prefer 3Yrs age difference; 408.216.7142,
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer alliance for Unmarried, good looking, kind hearted Tamil Iyengar girl, 31, 5’7”, MBA/BE, H1B, working in US, Naithriba kashipa gothram, Rohini;,  +91.99620.04736
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyer girl, 29, 5’7”, MS (Biotech), H1B working in Boston as Scientist, Bharadwajam, Ayilyam-4;, +91.98205.16612
Seeking alliance for a Tamil Mudaliyar girl (Caste no bar), 25 yrs, B.Tech, MS, working in Bay Area with H1B, Star Barani;, 669.261.0695
Seeking well qualified groom, US Citizen/GC, 36-40Yrs, for 5’5”, slim, fair, Tamil Iyer girl, 36Yrs, GC Holder, Pooradam, Bharadwajam, Working & based in Orange, CA, previously married, legally separated; 619.621.1949
Seeking well qualified unmarried Tamil groom in US, for unmarried Hindu Nadar girl, 32, 5’4”, PhD(IISc), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Stanford Univ, CA, H-1B visa;
Seeking suitable groom (29-36Yrs) for 29Yrs, pretty, Tamil divorcee, short marriage, non-brahmin girl, B.Tech, working as S/w Engr, in Minnesota;, 215.796.8615
Seeking suitable well educated groom, 25-28Yrs, for 1993 US born Tamil Iyer girl, 5’4”, doing PhD in Boston; Caste no bar; Prefer boys born/raised in USA; 
Looking for Tamil Brahmin Boy, for 1992, Karthigai/Srivasta Gothram, 5’4’’, MS (GeorgiaTech), now with Intel, California; Prefer Boys working in and near California;
Seeking groom for a beautiful Saiva Pillai girl (BE, fair, 28, innocent divorcee after a very brief marriage), working in USA; caste no bar;
Seeking Groom for Mudaliar girl born 05/86, 5’5”, Ivy league educated, US Citizen, Prefer US Citizen/GC holder with a graduate or masters degree;, 603.226.7904
Seeking Suitable Groom for Tamil Hindu Girl, 29 yrs, 6’, Well placed S/w professional, Unmarried, Soft Natured, Disciplined, employed in Michigan H1B, Caste no bar;  248.520.6371, +91.94440.72444
38/5’2” divorced female, MS MPH, vegetarian, Arya Vysya, Atlanta, seeking US-based, well-educated groom, 37-43y, with good family values;
Tamil Iyengar girl, Vadakalai, Athreyam, M.S.(Comp. Sc), S/w Engr, in Seattle, Feb 1991, 5’9”, Krithigai, Mesham, Parents in Chennai;
Seeking suitable boy based in NY for daughter with genetics & genetic counseling (MS), PhD in Epidemiology; works as Assistant Dean of research in Medical school, NY. May 1975; 5”;, 630.728.6443
Seeking a suitable unmarried, well-educated Iyengar groom, 27-31 years, for 1991 born Iyengar girl from the UK, Doctor, slim, beautiful, 5’3”, Srivatsa gotram;
Seeking alliance for Tamil Iyer girl M.S., 32 yrs. unmarried, 5’3”, uthradam, N.Kasyapa gothram, working in google in Mountain View, California;
Seeking groom, preferably working, living in US for Tamil girl, US Citizen, born Sep 86, working in Dallas, TX. Brief marriage, caste no bar; 
Tamil Karuneegar(Caste No Bar), Doctor, 29 years, Pursuing for certification to practice in US. Residing in Hyderabad seeks suitable professional Groom; 714.234.6153,
Seeking USA born/raised professionally qualified, unmarried, Hindu Tamil groom, ages 30-33, for daughter, born/raised in the US, good looking & pleasant, MD Physician, 29Yrs;
Seeking Tamil Iyer Groom, 28-31Yrs with MS/PhD/Doctor/CA/MBA, 5’8”, working in USA for girl 5’6”, 26Yrs, MS (Chem. Engg) (SUNY Buffalo) and studying PhD Material Science at U. of Delaware, Ayilyam, Kaushikam;, +91.98403.24900
Seeking Iyer groom for Iyer girl, born 1982, 5’3”, Vadama, Haritha gothram, employed in Bangalore, innocent divorcee, unconsummated marriage;, +91.99007.03315
Seeking alliance for daughter, 26Yrs, MS(US), Iyer, Kaundinya gothram, working in AGTC, Florida; +91.97691.37709, 976.991.6853,
Seeking alliance for Tamil Brahmin Iyengar girl (B.Tech I.T), 31years, 5’7”, divorcee, short marriage (two weeks), no kids, Srivatsam, Ayilyam; works for MNC, currently in Ireland;, 310.341.9093
Tamil Karuneegar(Cast No Bar), Doctor, 29 years, Pursuing for certification to practice in US. Residing in Hyderabad, Seeks suitable professional Groom; 714.234.6153,
Seeking groom, preferably born in US for mudaliyar girl, 5’2”, US born, April 82, working in Chicago area, Caste no bar;, 630.853.9612
Seeking Hindu Groom, 34-40yrs, Citizen/GC holder for 34yrs, Tamil girl, 5’9”, US Citizen, Employed in Media/Advertising, NY City, Caste no bar;, 201.704.5066
Seeking Iyer groom, employed in US under H1B visa, preferably in Seattle or CA, for unmarried girl, working in Microsoft, Seattle, H1B, born Nov.1990, Vadama, Moudhgalya Gothram, 5’8”; +91.94440.46075,
Seeking US employed preferably working in Seattle or California groom, for Vadama girl 26 yrs, Anusham-Moudhgalya Gothram, employed in Microsoft at Seattle, H1B;, +91.94440.46075
Seeking Tamil Brahmin boy, 32-35 yrs with no children, vegetarian, no smoking/drinking, for divorcee, issueless Iyengar girl, 32 yrs/5’3”, Shadamastam, Uthiraadam, BE/MBA, working in US(IT);
For the following classifieds sections, $25/month for 20 words; please send email to
For Rent
In a prime locality in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Fully furnished Apartment with car parking is available for short term rental. Contact: 916.541.7774
4Bd with A/C, 4bath, 2200 sqft. Furnished apartment available for short term rental in prime of Chennai; Raman: 805.371.0431
TN Real Estate
1400 sqft 3-bed 3-attached bath ground floor apt (total 4 apts one in each floor) in Adyar near Telephone Exchange. Two car parking, woodwork, granite flooring. Calm, high-end residential locality., (+1)925.922.0732,(+91)98400.49800
Brand new 5BHK Villa, built 2017, in posh OMR gated community with swimming pool, gym & servant amenities; Original owner; For details & pics -, 408.818.0332 (US), +91.99402.06551
Pondicherry State, Brand New Modern Wedding Hall, Teak and Marble, 3 Floors. Excellent water facility;, 512.739.5728
Independent house for sale in Mayiladuthurai in desirable locality; suitable for renovation or demolishing and building new structure; plot size 3333 sq.ft; Tel: 404.775.1406
For Sale - Two 900 Sq. ft flats at OMR, closer to SSN College, each Rs. Thirty two lakhs. Contact: 571.331.3433
For Sale, Independent house has 3 floors each, 1100 sq. ft in Madurai near Polytechnic; Each floor has 2bed/2baths; 
COONOOR gated master planned community eco friendly luxury villas 2BR, 3BR, all amenities; Sivakumar: +91.98650.29211
For Sale: 1300 sq. ft 3BHK Apartment w/ car-parking, Salem, TN, near Seelanaickenpatty, Bypass, Trichy Main Road;, 832.421.4887
Flavors Of India restaurant located at 4233 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA is looking for Servers and kitchen helpers. Call 408.253.4900 or 408.771.3631