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For subjects of Tamil lineage, residing in the US, matrimonial classified listings are FREE, as a service to the community, at this time. For all others - $25 for 20 words; $0.25 for every additional word.
Make checks in favor of 'Thendral' Send classified text by email to along with a request to publish and with the subject line - Matrimony Classifieds. Send email for guidance & details. No phonecalls, please.
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Wanted - Brides
Seeking Brahmin Bride for smart well-qualified Smartha Brahmin boy, Nov 1990, 5'11", Koundinya Gothram, Thiruvonam/Sravana Star, BTech(IIT-M), PhD, Employed as Design Engr in upstate NY, H1B; +91.97910.36468, 850.624.4359
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer US based bride for groom born Oct 1985, 5'11", Bharadwajam, Rohini star, BE/MS(UTD US), H-1B, Employed @ SFO/CA;, +91.98400.67795
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride (28-35yrs) based in US for Iyer groom, '82 born, 6'1", B.Tech from IIT, MS(US), working in Boston/MA;
Tamil Iyengar, Srivatsa gothram, 31Yrs, 5'8, Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino/CA seeks Brahmin bride working in USA, preferably in San Francisco Bay area or willing to relocate;, +91.94407.35413
Seeking US based unmarried South Indian Brahmin bride for Iyer boy, May 87, 5'10", MS(US), H1B, Employed in Bay Area; +91.93462.81340,
Seeking Iyengar girl, <26 years, H1B for Iyengar boy, March '91 born, Thiruvonam, Sadamarshanam, working for Deloitte with H1B; +91.98842.67888, 415.926.1736,,
Seeking Brahmin bride for Iyer boy, Kousikam Makam, '86 born, B.Tech, MS, Working in Apple @ Cupertino/CA; +91.70328.34999, +91.98663.48487
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for Iyengar boy, divorcee, June 1977, Regional Manager, SE Asia, Supply chain company, Chennai, Sadhayam, Kaundinya Gothram, 5'10";, 909.263.7337
Seeking Tamil Iyer bride working in US, <26Yrs for boy, Sep'92, 6', MS, Kaushika, Revathy, Vadama, working in Intel, Portland;, +91.99406.27716
Seeking Tamil Girl for Hindu, unmarried Tamil intercaste groom (mudaliyar & reddiyar), BS(EEE), working in Jacksonville/FL, 6ft, 1987, US citizen;
Seeking bride for son born Sept '92, 5'6", H1B, Working for Copart/Dallas/TX, Thiruvonam, Logitha Gothram, Iyengar, Thengalai, US based bride preferred; 967.726.9062,
Seeking bride for boy, June 1992, 5'10",H1B, working for Amazon/Seattle, Uthiradam star, Naithrupa Kashyapa, Iyengar, Thenkalai, US based bride preferred; +91.98404.88911,
Seeking brahmin bride (vegetarian, non-drinker, never married) working/studying in US for Tamil Iyer MS, 39Yrs, of similar background, Atreya Gotram, residing in Upstate NY;
Seeking Iyer bride, working/studying in US for boy, May '92, 5'6", MS Comp. Sc.(US), working in Bay area/CA, Kaushika Gothram (Vadama), Revathy, vegetarian, non-drinker/nonsmoker;, +65-98191630(Whatsapp)
Seeking bride, with US undergrad/masters degree for a well settled, Unmarried Mudaliar groom, Apr 87, 5'10", MS(US), S/w Engr in Houston/TX, H1B, I-140 approved, Caste no bar, Punarpoosam, Mithunam, 281.348.6025, 832.871.0292,
Seeking never married mudaliar bride for mudaliar boy, 37yrs, 5'10", BE, MS(UK), Sr Engr in Cisco, San Jose/CA;, +91.96118.22955
Iyer, male, 40, presently in Hawaii, Citizen is looking for proposals from any Hindu denominations, innocently divorced / widow; 708.629.6264,
Seeking Iyer bride, working/studying in US for boy, July 88, 5'6", MS(US), H1B with I-140 approval, working in New York, Athreya Gothram, Punarpoosam Nakshatram, Mithuna Rashi, non-drinker/non-smoker; +91.98400.98481,
Seeking brahmin bride in US for Iyengar divorcee boy, 1983 born, 5'5", MBBS/MD- Hospitalist in Charlotte/NC, Koushika gotram, Mirgashira, vegetarian/non-drinker/non-smoker; 630.730.3186,
Seeking brahmin girl in USA for an Iyer boy, MS, 27Yrs, 5'11", Anusham star, Haritha gothram, H1B, working in Seattle;
Seeking US based bride for vegetarian boy, 38Yrs, 5'11", MS(US), Permanent resident, working in California, Ayiliyam star, Early divorcee no kids;, 609.731.4371, +91.94431.84233
Seeking bride for groom US born July 1987, 5'8", MS, SW Engr, SFO Bay area/CA, Caste no bar; 314.537.3290
Seeking bride (<31 yrs) for a handsome boy, born 1986, 5'7", never married, non-smoker, non-drinker, Caste no bar, Shiva Gotram, Working in Alabama for 5 yrs (IT), MS(US), H1B, Canada PR;, 858.205.4755, +91.94900.77925
Seeking bride from a good family, well educated, raised in USA, sports loving & easy going for a groom, born December '84, Iyengar, Vegetarian, Double Masters degree, well employed in teaching in Lancaster/CA;
Seeking alliance for son, March 1991, 6'2", Gowthama, Mumbai born, MS (North Eastern), Working in Amazon, H1B, Seattle/WA;
Seeking Iyer bride for Iyer, Vadamal, Bharadwaj, Revathy, 1989 born, BE, MS, Indian citizen, vegetarian, teetotaller, work permit, POW-Arkansas; 917.609.5395,
Hindu Pillai groom, 35 years, Veg, MS (Bio. Engg), working in San Francisco/CA, H1B, GC in progress, seeks Hindu bride, working in US; +91.99400.26189,
Seeking Brahmin girl working/studying in US for Iyer boy, born 1988, Kashyapa gothram, Pooradam star, 6ft, MS(US), H1B, Employed in Sunnyvale/CA; 412.877.8446, +91.98923.93852,
Seeking Tamil Brahmin girl for boy working in Chicago, Dec 1989, 6ft, Kousiga Gothram, Ayilam;, +91.88700.25087
Seeking bride for boy, June 92, 5'10", H1B, Working for Amazon/Seattle, Uthiradam, Naithrupa Kashyapa, Iyengar, Thenkalai, US based bride preferred; +91.98404.88911,
Seeking bride for boy, born 1982, 5'11", Divorced, Caste no bar, Hastham, Working in TX for 7 yrs;
Seeking Hindu girl, 35-39 Yrs, for 1975 born Tamil groom, US Citizen, employed in health care in Colorado, never before married, non-smoker, non-drinker; 415-601-9918,
Seeking Brahmin, Veg, Hindu Bride, preferably US Citizen/GC/ Canada Citizen for Iyer Boy, only son, 5'8", 31 yrs, Feb 1988, BE, MS(US), GC applied, working in Florida, Star Puram, caste & language no bar; +91.90351.19136,
Iyengar 47 - Revathy, Early Divorcee - No kids, PG but opted to being Hindu Priest and Musician. Well settled, P3 Visa in NYC since 2013; seeks bride - Age/Caste/With or without kids no bar; 732.884.4801
Seeking Iyengar bride for 30yr old boy, SriVatsa, Moolam, Dhanus Raasi, BCA/MCA/MS(US), H1B, Oracle @ Stamford/CT; +91.97911.89703,
Seeking Tamil Brahmin girl employed in US, unmarried/divorced with no issues for Tamil Iyer boy, BE, MS, divorcee with no issues, 43/5'10", Srivatsam, Uthiradam, Green card, employed in Bay Area/CA;
Tamil speaking boy, 34, 5'10", father pillai, mother brahmin, residing in San Francisco/CA, working as Sr. S/w Engr, H1B, I-140 approved seeks intelligent, good hearted girl, Caste no bar; 781.990.8132, +91.89399.00735,
Seeking Iyer Bride for boy working in Rhode Island, Nov 1985, BTech (IT), Working in US since 2012 in IT, 5'9", Very Fair, Poosam-1, Bharathwaja Gothram;
Seeking Hindu bride, Caste no bar, 27-30Yrs, residing in US, for groom July 1987, H1B, Green card wailtlisted, 5'6", S/W Engr, BE, MS, working in Pittsburgh/PA, Pooram, Simha rasi; +91.94480.10604,
Iyengar Srivatsa gothram, 31yrs, 5'8", Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino/CA seeks Brahmin girl working in USA preferably in SF Bay area/CA or willing to relocate; +91.94407.35413
Seeking Hindu Girl, 35-39Yrs for 1975 born Tamil Groom, 43 years, never married, US Citizen, health sciences, in Management position in Arizona;, 415.601.9918
Seeking Tamil Iyengar Bride for handsome November 1990 born boy, 6 feet, MS (Automotive Systems), H1B, employed in Michigan, Aswini, Sri Vatsam, Vadakalai;, +91.99622.53857
Tamil Iyer, US Citizen, 5'9", Tall, Vegetarian, very Fair, Handsome, Senior position at MNC, divorced, Book Author, Violinist, 52yrs, ME, MBA(US), looking for alliances from kind, educated, Brahmins;
Seeking Tamil Speaking vegan/vegetarian girl for a US Citizen boy, living in Raleigh/NC, 1965 born, Hastham, 5'7", non- smoker, non-drinker, divorced, one children living separately; 919-360-0195,
Seeking Hindu Bride (=26) preferably in US for Tamil boy, 5'9", April 1991, Never Married, US Citizen, M.Tech (IITM), doing MBA(UCB), working for Intel/CA, Punarpusam, caste & language no bar;, 908.548.4295, +91.97102.59230
Seeking US based bride for mudaliar boy 27 yrs, 5'8", MS(US), H1B, Working in Boston, Revathi star; 616.258.1600,
Seeking Hindu girl, <28Yrs, caste no bar, for Hindu, Mudaliyar boy, MS, Nov 90, 5'6", working as Sr. Pgm Mgr in Apple, Cupertino/CA. H1B, GC app. in progress;, 408.717.0640
Seeking Iyer bride, working/studying in US for boy, May 1980, 5'11'', MCA, Green Card, working in Los Angeles/CA, Koundanya Gothram, Pooratathi;
Seeking Iyer bride, working/studying in US for boy, Apr '92, 5'8", MS(US), H1B visa with I-140 approval, working in Bay area/CA, Logitha gothram, Thiruvonam, non-drinker/non-smoker;, +91.94452.94326
Seeking Iyer bride working/studying MS in US, for Iyer boy, 26, MS, H1B, Bharatwaj gothram, 6'2", working in Cambridge/MA;
Seeking Bride from US/India for Iyengar boy, Oracle DBA, Maryland, 1960 born, Pooratadhi, Bharadwaja gotram, US Citizen, 5'8", Divorcee, Son lives with mother, Veg, non-drinker/non-smoker;, 214.886.2051
Seeking alliance for a smart Tamil Iyer boy, 26Yrs, 175cm, working as Engg Manager, Big 4 Tech Co, San Francisco/CA Studied in top university for Comp Sci;
Seeking bride in US for Iyengar boy, BTech/MS, Nov 1989 born, H1B, working in Dallas/TX, Hastam, Athreyam; +91.93815.18787,
Seeking Brahmin Girl for March 1990 Born Boy, 5'9", BS/MBA, Working in Cisco, San Jose/CA, >18 yrs in CA, Karabha Gothram, Poosam/Kadagam;, 408.387.0221
Seeking Iyer bride working/studying in U.S for Iyer boy, 27, MS, GC holder, avittam, agasthya gothram, 5'11", working in Santa Clara/CA;
Seeking Hindu bride, preferably in US, for only son, 1992 born, MS, H1B, I-140 approved, working @ Palo Alto/CA in reputed company;
Seeking unmarried Tamil Iyer girl (<29 yrs) in USA for Tamil Iyer boy, Oct 89 born, Ashwini star, 5'10", BE, Salesforce Inc, Bay Area/CA, (H1B, I-140 for GC, high pay); 224.804.5444,
Seeking bride preferably in US for boy, June 1992, H1B, MS, working for Amazon in Seattle, Uthiradam star, Naithrupa Kashyapa, Tamil Iyengar, Thenkalai; +91.98404.88911,
Iyengar Srivatsa gothram, 29Yrs, 5'8", Masters, never married, employed in Apple at Cupertino/California, seeks Brahmin bride working in USA preferably in SFO Bay Area or willing to relocate;, +91.94407.35413, 801.803.8006
Seeking Tamil Iyengar/Iyer, Pure-Veg Bride for US SFO Bay Area, Iyengar SriVatsa, Pure-Veg, Aug '88, 5'7", MS(US), S/w, GC;, 408.429.9005
Tamil Iyengar boy, July 1988 born, 5'10', Bharathwaja gothram, B.Tech (IITM), MS, MBA(UCLA), working as Project Mgr in Portland/Oregon seeks Iyengar/Iyer bride preferably working/studying in US;, +91.98400.64285,
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar bride for groom - Aug 1989, MS-EE(VLSI) from CMU Pittsburgh, 6'1", Employed at Austin/Texas, H1B, I140; +91.77389.60088,
Wanted - Grooms
Seeking US born & brought up, well educated brahmin groom, settled & working, preferably around Los Angeles area/CA for bride, 1987 US born, Iyer girl, double Masters, Kousika gothram, Revathy star, 5'9"; 818.344.4943
Seeking alliance from Iyer/Iyengar grooms, preferably US citizens or GC holders for Iyer girl, US citizen, 24Yrs, BS(Electrical), employed in Los Angeles/CA, Sigitha Gothram, Visakam;
Karkathar Saiva Pillai girl, June 1989 born, 5'3", BE,MS(USA), working in North Carolina, H1B, seeks groom working in US from similar castes/brahmins;,, +91.98210.48773
Seeking groom for Iyer, Kousika gothram, Uthradam star, 5'7", 24Yrs, MS(CMU), working in Seattle, H1B, from Iyer boys, <29Yrs, working in Seattle;
Seeking well educated, Hindu US Citizen groom, <29 years for US born girl, saiva pillai, 24, 5'6", MD student, Reno/NV, caste no bar;
Seeking groom for Iyer, Kousikam, Tiruvonam, March 90, BTech, MS(CS), Microsoft @ Sunnyvale/CA; +91.70328.34999, +91.98663.48487
Seeking alliance from Brahmin boy, <31 Yrs, in USA for daughter Uttharatadi star, Sandilya gothram, 5'3", 26 Yrs, MS(Rutgers), Working in New Jersey, H1B, willing to relocate within US; 480.280.7155, +91.95512.65514,
Seeking alliance from Iyer/Iyengar groom, 29-34 yrs working in US/Canada for daughter - Bharatwajam, Rohini star, 5'6", 28yrs, studying MS(CSUS) in CA; +91.73972.35348, 408.888.6741,
Iyer, Vegetarian, kaundinya Gothram, uthradam, Oct 1993, MS(CS), unmarried girl working in CA, seeks same sect unmarried groom;
Seeking well educated, Tamil/Telugu Veg., non-smoking, US Citizen, born or brought up groom from Arya-vysya chettiar family for educated fair girl, working in IT/San Francisco, born 1995, 5'3", US citizen, Hastam, Ubamanyakula gothram;, 408.309.6706
Seeking US born or brought up, Hindu groom, <35Yrs, well educated for a beautiful, smart, independent, hindu girl, US Citizen, 29Yrs, 5'6", Business graduate, employed in Dallas/TX;
Seeking US based Brahmin groom, speak/understand Tamil, for divorced Iyengar girl, Vadhulam, Thiruvonam, Aug. 81, MS(US), working in Austin/TX, willing to relocate within US; +91.95660.38710,
Seeking alliance from well-educated and settled preferably South Indian brahmin grooms for Iyengar bride, May 1990, 163 cms, Masters from and working in North Carolina; +91.98450.51218
Seeking Iyer/Iyengar groom residing in USA for Iyer Vadama, Doctor girl, 1991 born, Bharadwaja gothram, Thiruvonam, doing second year residency in medicine in Philadelphia, PA; +91.98404.96107,
Seeking Hindu Groom (<31) who is in US for long term for Tamil girl, Feb 1993, never married, MS, working in New York, Pooratathi, caste and language no bar; 650.309.9940
US Citizen Bride in GA State, Age 38, MS educated, Slim figure, Enjoys travel/fitness; Seeking Hindu professional grooms in US, caste no Bar;
Seeking alliance from Iyer/Iyengar, <31 Yrs in Seattle/California for daughter Srivatsa gothram, Karthigai star, 5'4", 27 Yrs, MS (Georgia Tech), Working at Intel, H1B; +91.98200.61656,
Seeking groom for bride, 24, very fair, 5'6", Telugu Brahmin from TamilNadu, Sadayam, Bharadwaja, MBA, employed in Chennai; 408.564.3188, +91.94459.54612, +91.82487.35017,
Seeking groom, caste-no-bar, working in US; For our only daughter, Dec 1983, Saiva Pillai, 5'4", MS(Texas), MBA(CA), employed in Maryland, H1B with I-140 approved;, +91.81465.02266
Seeking Brahmin groom for a 1983 born, widow with 2 kids, Graduate, GC holder, employed in Michigan;
Seeking well educated, Brahmin, working or studying in US groom for daughter - MBBS/MD Fellow Nephrology, Studying transplantation medicine in reputed hospital in NY, Hastam Star, Bharadwaja Gothram, 5'6", Sep 1988, Fair complexion; +91.99415.48756,
Seeking smart well-educated South Indian Brahmin groom for pretty, professional, Iyengar, Thenkalai girl, 5'7", Dec 1985, Srivatsa Gothram, Australian PR, Willing to relocate to USA;; +91.97909.94458
Seeking Brahmin groom for April 90 born girl, 5'8", Moudgalya gothram, Revathy, MS, working as Sr. SW Engr in Salt Lake City/UT, H1B/I140;, +91.87783.42253
Seeking groom working in US for Saiva Pillai Tirunelveli girl, born August 88, Working in Palo Alto/CA, H1B (GC on process);, +91.99403.07914, +91.90030.83156
Seeking Iyengar groom working in US for girl, August 89, Srivatsa gotram, Visakam, 5'5", BE, H1B, working in a MNC at Harrisburg/PA;, +91.90427.91762
Seeking groom for Feb 1990 born, Tamil (Palghat) Iyer bride, Bharadwaj gothram, Anusham star, working in SF Bay area/CA; 408.242.7256.
Seeking groom based in US for girl, born June 87, Iyer, Srivatsa Gotram, Maham Nakshatram, 5'7, MS Engg, working in California;, +91.83102.90190
Seeking groom, preferably vegetarian and working in California, for karkarthar vellalar girl, Sep 1991, 5'1", Puratathi, raised in USA, working in Bio Tech Co., SF Bay Area;, 408.250.5349
Seeking Iyer Groom, 28-30Yrs, for unmarried Tamil Iyer Girl, Nov 1992 born, working in San Francisco/CA, Work Permit, 5'2", Haritha Gothram;, +974-66433403
Seeking US based groom for legally divorced, Jan.1989 born, qualified Iyer girl, subsect no bar, Bharathwaja gothram & Arudhra nakshathram, Working in Amazon, India as HR business partner; 510.364.8179, +91.99628.82523,
Seeking groom for girl (Divorcee, had short marriage in 2013), Caste No Bar, 31Yrs, H1B, I-140 for GC, 5'5", MS(US), working in Sunnyvale/CA;, 408.652.9114
Seeking well-qualified Hindu groom between ages 35-38 residing in USA for Hindu vegetarian girl, '83 April, US citizen, MS in CS, living in Boston;
Seeking Brahmin groom for Jan 1987 born girl, Kapi Gothram, 5'7", Ayilyam-Katakam, BS(Econ/Mgmt), Working in Seattle/Washington as Senior Tech Manager, prefer grooms born/raised in US; 562.253.6094 or email
Seeking Tamil Iyengar groom working in USA for Feb. 1994 born, Thenkalai, Anusham , Bharadwaja Gothram, MS(Comp.Sc) girl, working in Dallas/TX;
Seeking Tamil Iyer groom for 1985 born, Iyer girl, BE, MS, Kashypa Gothram, Uthradam, Living in Bay Area/CA;
Seeking unmarried brahmin professional groom raised in US for unmarried Tamil Iyer girl, raised in US, April 87, 5'5", Bharadwaja Gothram, Vegetarian, Ph.D Engg, working in Bay Area/CA;
Seeking Hindu groom, 24-29Yrs, Caste No Bar, for Tamil Thondai mandala mudaliar bride, 1994 born, BE/MBA (pursuing MBA in top 10 US school), 5'2", Chitriai/Kanni, working as SWE in Fortune 100 US Co.;
Seeking brahmin groom for Srivatsam, Iyengar girl, 28Yrs, Chitrai(2), MS, working in Boston, willing to relocate;, +91.75500.73669
Seeking a brahmin groom residing in US for bride, 30yrs, 5'9'', MS, Working in San Francisco. +91.81971.54958
Seeking Iyengar/Iyer groom for Iyengar girl, Kaundinyam, Vadakalai, Swathi, 5'8", May 1991, BTech/MS, H1B, Working in Dallas/TX;, +91.98400.33107
Seeking Hindu groom (Caste No Bar) for Tamil girl, 1985 born, BE/MBA, employed in Phoenix/AZ, H1B;, 519.497.6895
Seeking Hindu Tamil/Malayali groom, caste no bar for girl, 28yrs, 5'1", beautiful, Fashion designer in Bangalore;, +91.96113.98178
Seeking unmarried Tamil iyer, MS groom for Iyer, Vadama, Oct. 1989 born, 5'5", Bharadwaja Gothram, Punarpoosam, MS(CS), working in Herndon/VA,, 571.599.1180
Seeking good looking pillai/mudaliyar/chettiar employed groom for non-veg, pillai bride, PG, June 1988, 163cm, vishakam, SW Engr in SanAntino/Texas, H1B visa; +91.94454.04691
Seeking Hindu Tamil/Malayali groom (caste no bar) for girl 28yrs, 5'1", beautiful, Fashion designer in Bangalore;, +91.96113.98178
Seeking non-smoking, teetotaler, Veg. Groom for Iyengar girl, 26Yrs, Uthratathi, B.Com, pursuing CA, loves to travel, caring family and career oriented;, 510.468.9679
Seeking US Citizen, Iyengar groom for girl, May 1990, Bay Area/CA resident, Koushika gothram, star Pooradam, MS Engg, 5'10"; 214.502.6419,
Seeking never married groom in US for Veg. Tamil Pillai girl, Sep 85, Anusham, MS, working in Santa Clara/CA, Caste No Bar; 408.497.1390
Iyer girl, May 86, US educated both grad and undergrad, working in Microsoft as Senior Premier Field Engineer at Minneapolis seeks suitable groom; 91.94430.58074
Seeking Tamil Iyengar groom, preferably in US for 1992 born, Vadakalai, Pooram, Koundinya Gothram, MS Comp. Sci girl, working (H1B) in California;, +91.98188.26631
Seeking Groom, Tamil Hindu Girl, '84 Born, S/w Professional, working in San Francisco, divorcee, no issues, seeking suitable match in California;
Seeking groom for Mudaliar girl, May 86, 5'5", Good looking, Ivy league educated, US Citizen. Prefer US Citizen/GC holder with a graduate or masters degree;, 603.270.5207
Seeking groom, 37-45, >5'10", accomplished in academic/professional/business fields for beautiful & intelligent bride, 5'8.5", MIT degree & MBA (Harvard), affluent family with reputed ancestors & relatives, Never married, Willing to relocate to CA/TX/FL & non-cold states, reply w/ photo;
Seeking US based Brahmin boy, <31Yrs, born & raised in US, for Iyer girl, 25, 5'4", Bharadwaja gothram, Revathi Star, first year residency in Int. Medicine @ Boston Medical School;, 516.445.8808
Seeking suitable groom, 30-36Yrs, for girl, 30Yrs, pretty, divorcee, short marriage, non-brahmin, B.Tech, working as S/w Engr in Minnesota, GC in progress;, 215.796.8615
Seeking groom - Brahmin, teetotaler, doing residency or is a doctor in US, for Iyer girl, 24Yrs, MBBS, doing USMLE, Bharatwaja gothram;
Seeking tamil groom for girl, fun loving, enthusiastic and religious person, 1985 born, BE, MBA(India), employed in NJ, H1B;
Seeking groom for Iyer, srivatsa gothram, karthigai star, 5'4", 27Yrs, MS (Georgia Tech), working for Intel, H1B, from Iyer/Iyengar boys, <32Yrs, working in Seattle/California, +91.98200.61656,
Seeking Brahmin groom for May 1993, Karabha Gothram, 5'4", Utharadam-Makaram, BS/Managerial Economics, Working in Sephora, SFO/CA, prefer Boys born/raised in US; 408.387.0221,
Seeking South Indian groom, settled in US for girl, Top Ivy league undergrad, Comp.Sci Major, 27Yrs, working in DC;
Seeking Iyengar Post-graduate groom for bride - Bharadhwajam, Vadakalai, Sadhayam, Oct 1990, B.Tech(IT), working in Florida (H1B),, 858.673.4223
Seeking kind-hearted, vegetarian, non-drinker, non-smoker Brahmin groom, 26-30Yrs, 5'10"-6', for Iyer girl, beautiful, intelligent, 5'7", Data Analyst in NY, Bharathwaja Gothram, Rohini,, +91.98405.70554
Seeking US/Canada Citizen for Tamil Iyer bride, 1992 born, 5'10'', completing MBA in Canada, April 2019;, +91.80562.32381, +91.99401.58069
Seeking good looking groom for Iyer, Kashyapa gothram, 26, Maham, MS, H1B, Intel in Portland/Oregon;, +91.98410.75345
Tamil Iyer, May 1983, 5'8", Visakam, Bharadwaja Gothram, BE/MBA, H1B, working in Boston/MA seeks qualified well placed groom working in US;
South Indian, Tamil Iyer, Vegetarian, Kashyapa gothram, Star Mrugasheersham, Jan. 1994, MBA, unmarried girl, working in Bangalore seeks same sect unmarried groom;
Seeking Hindu boy (Caste No Bar) for Tamil, Arcot Mudaliyar girl, Feb 91, Chithirai, 5'3", BE/MS, employed in Michigan, +91.98846.37567,
Iyer Girl,1993, 5'1", Poorattathi, Athreya Gothram, currently pursuing MD in New York seeks groom, Tamil Brahmin, well qualified & placed, born & raised in US; 678.899.1025,
For the following classifieds sections, $25/month for 20 words; please send email to
For Rent
In a prime locality in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Fully furnished Apartment with car parking is available for short term rental. Contact: 916.541.7774
Service Apartment
Short/Long Term - Service Apartment available in Prime location Chennai. 4Bdr/4bath, 2200 sq.ft, A/C in all bedrooms, WiFi, Cable, Landline, fully furnished with maid service; Call # 805.371.0431
TN Real Estate
Organic agricultural farm for sale in Sirkazhi, Nangoor village, 40 acres, Contact Owner: S. Murugaiyan:, No brokers.
New 3BHK Flat, 1200/1215 Sq. ft, 746/752 UDS, Covered Car park, 24hr water, genset, AK Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai; Genuine buyers only; +91.93846.67202,
For Sale - Brand New 5 BHK Villa built in 2017 in Posh OMR Gated Community with Swimming Pool, Gym, servant amenities, original owner; For pics -, 408.818.0332, +91.96630.49302
MRC Nagar, RA Puram, Chennai, new, premium Flat; exclusive, full-floor in a 4 floor construction; three Bed/bath, modular kitchen, study, utility, 4 balconies, 2 covered carparks, elevator, generator, video access control, CCTV cameras; 2606 sq.ft; shopping, medical, banks, schools closeby; Rs. 4.35 crores;, 713.436.9763
For Sale
2 Bedroom Villa in retirement community near MG Hospital on Pondy-Cuddalore Hwy, Senior care facility with common kitchen, housekeeping, medical care, standby ambulance with big hospital nearby, security, library, board games & more;