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sasi (Singapore)

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Comments by sasi (3)
Article: துளசி
Category: சிறுகதை (Oct 2021) Posted On: Oct 05, 2021
Another excellent creation by Banoo Ravi. The story depicts an American born and brought up girl , Thulasi( a well versed carnatic singer) getting married to a boy in India and adjusting so well to the Indian values . Her mother Mekala in Mountain view is very happy to hear this news from her beloved daughter. Although this is not an easy task , the writer's "Nadai" and language keeps the reader engaged. The description of the Kitty party , kutchery in Mumbai and PM visit are a samples for writer language and creative abilities. Quotes from Bharathiyar also very apt. Best wishes sasi sivakumar Singapore

Article: கதம்பமும் மல்லிகையும்...
Category: சிறுகதை (Jan 2020) Posted On: Jan 08, 2020
A very well written story by Banoo Ravi. The author skill of language ,elegant description and picturing Scenorios effectively can be seen . Her description of the cooking is mouth watering. Depicting the main characters strength and conviction gives a sound ending. Keep it up.

Article: பசி
Category: சிறுகதை (Oct 2012) Posted On: Nov 03, 2012
The story Pasi describes very well the emotions of an innocent housewife who is overwhelmed by her husband's harsh words. The author has very aptly described the food preparation, that it makes the reader hungry. The end is quite sad. Nice flow. Dr. sasi sivakumar singapore

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