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June 2022 Issue
தென்றல் பேசுகிறது | நேர்காணல் | அன்புள்ள சிநேகிதியே | மேலோர் வாழ்வில் | சின்னக்கதை | சமயம் | கதிரவனை கேளுங்கள் | சிறுகதை | அலமாரி
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Events Calendar
June 2022: Events Calendar
- |ஜூன் 2022|

If you want events to be included, please e-mail details to Though we try our best to provide accurate information, we urge you to check details with the host organization before attending an event.

June 3, 2022, Friday
7:30pm. Katrinile varum geetham; Concert by Vani Ramamurthi (vocal), Anirudh Bharadwaj (flute), Raamkumar Balamurthi (Mridangam); Organized by Indian Fine Arts Academy, San Diego; Venue: Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas, California;

June 4, 2022, Saturday
6pm. Discourse on Mahabharatha by Dr. Ku. Gnanasambanthan; Organized by Bharati Tamil Sangam; Venue: University of Silicon Andhra, Milpitas, California; Contact: Syamala - 408.510.2975,; Tickets: $20
6pm PST. Evolution of Film music from Carnatic music by Subhasree Thanikachalam; Organized by Indian Fine Arts Academy, San Diego; Online Zoom presentation ID - 833.4763.5029, password: 419697;

June 24, 2022, Friday
8:30am (CDT). Equality through Pranayama Immersion; Cultivate equality within the self for personal transformation first; Offered by Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian; Venue: Driftless Yoga Festival, Will Baker Park, Decorah, Iowa; Contact:,

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